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  1. CYdTracked

    Android Phone Upgrades

    Got me looking now. Anyone ever order directly off the Samsung website. Seems like they have a really good deal on the S20 FE at the moment if you trade in your current phone. Dont know if there is a catch to it but has me considering if it's time to upgrade our S8 phones if that price is...
  2. CYdTracked

    Nebraska should just file for a divorce from the Big 10.....

    One of the best lines I have heard is "we'd all take more road trips to Colorado if we didn't have to drive several hours through that hell hole state they call Nebraska"
  3. CYdTracked

    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes

    OK I think I found it tonight. Go down to the Special Meeting on March 16, 2018 video. I am off by a zero on what I thought it cost them. The city wanted to buy the property at $75,000 an acre and the owners countered at...
  4. CYdTracked

    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes

    I'd have to see if the meeting is still out on the site somewhere and check the numbers but pretty sure the numbers I quoted was what they discussed. Maybe that was total purchase price and I misheard it but even then they didnt acquire more than a few acrea probably. They dont pay farm land...
  5. CYdTracked

    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes

    I've wondered this myself, the main drag through Grimes has me a little worried there may not be enough room to widen it to a full 4 lanes without infringing on a lot of front lawns and business parking in some of the more narrow parts of it. It basically is 4 lanes up to McDonalds/Kum & Go on...
  6. CYdTracked

    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes

    The ironic thing is there is a youth baseball complex a few miles west of this complex and at least at that time I was told they did not allow practices on their fields so that is why all the little league teams in the area were flooding to the city owned complexes in the area to practice. I...
  7. CYdTracked

    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes

    This is already happening here in the DM Metro area. I know a few years ago that the softball complex I play at in Clive after they renovated their fields started locking them up when not in use and started charging hourly rates for any type of team either youth or recreational teams to use...
  8. CYdTracked

    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes

    BTW the new flyover at I35/80 and 141 just opened up this month and it seems like it only took about half as long at the Ames flyover did to build since they didn't botch the height on the pillars like they did on the Ames one, LOL. We moved to Grimes almost 7 years ago and all the changes...
  9. CYdTracked

    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes

    I guess? There has been a ton of action on this property over the past year so all the zoning and plans have probably been in the works for awhile now else they wouldn't have spend all that time and money doing what they already have there. Apparently the new sportsplex will be turned over to...
  10. CYdTracked

    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes Supposedly will be the largest sportsplex in the Midwest
  11. CYdTracked

    What’s your Thanksgiving and Christmas going to look like?

    Exact plans are up in the air but probably some form of family gathering. Had this discussion with my wife recently that life is too short to stay distant from immediate family for a prolonged time. If you can't trust your family to stay healthy and let you know they have not been feeling well...
  12. CYdTracked

    Smoker Questions

    Honestly regardless of what kind of smoker someone uses the flavor profile and methods they use typically is the difference in the final product. Types of rubs, the type of wood, the temp and length of cook, injections spritz, wrap or no wrap, etc. any 1 or combo of things can make bbq stand...
  13. CYdTracked

    On That Note: It's My Party

    " Are you gonna let me to party alone? " " Do you want a drink. Hey do you want to party. " and " Now my party pad is out in the woods" " Party in slow motion "
  14. CYdTracked

    On That Note: It's My Party

    Was such a great show, especially the first few seasons but there is only so much you can do for storylines involving fantasy football until you run out of content. It's probably streaming on Hulu or somewhere I bet.
  15. CYdTracked

    On That Note: It's My Party

    Got some more songs I might add later today but here are some that came to mind right away. Lee Brice Parking Lot Party was the first I thought of but someone already posted that one
  16. CYdTracked

    College Amesday v. 2.0?

    I would prefer the next time they come to Ames its post pandemic and we can showcase our fans and university properly.
  17. CYdTracked

    Lowe's vs. Home Depot

    All 3 big box stores between Menards, Home Depot, and Lowes have their pros and cons. Menards has some of the best prices but their services offered can be somewhat lacking at times. Case in point this past weekend I had to go dishwasher shopping and I found the same model at basically all 3...
  18. CYdTracked

    Where should I move?

    The right out of college and single version of me says Nashville and KC would be fun locations to move to. The current version of me has a lot more factors to consider that would make a relocation a lot more complicated. Was just talking about this with my wife the other day about what...
  19. CYdTracked

    Breece Hall #4 in NCAA rushing yardage

    I am still amazed how bad our passing game looks at times when we run the ball as well as we have. Usually establishing a good running game results in some opportunities to take some shots down field when the defense is stacking the box against the run and we haven't seen a lot of that so far...
  20. CYdTracked

    Why is our passing game hot garbage?

    I was thinking about this too, maybe some 2 RB formations and hit him on a quick route out the backfield or put in in motion for a sweep or catch a mismatch with a LB and put him in motion on a deep route. He looks healthy as he ever has been and I don't blame the staff for wanting to use hall...