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  1. mj4cy

    So what went wrong at the Iowa Speedway?

    Man a few years ago they were close to sniffing NASCAR now they've gone backwards....
  2. mj4cy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    I'm sure I'd like the google phone but I just want something that does what I do now and is similar size ect. I'm not paying for it but don't need the top end $1400 either. If my charge port wasn't on the fritz with my current phone I'd just wait another year.
  3. mj4cy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    Is the interface the same? I am a creature of habit. I also don't care or want to have my stuff stored on a cloud or whatever as sometimes I have sensitive work info I download.
  4. mj4cy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    No thanks, have seen my wife's enough to not want it.
  5. mj4cy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    My work pays for it so I go every 2.5-3 years. I like the S8, but understand there are newer options.
  6. mj4cy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    Best buy has it currently for $549.
  7. mj4cy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    Yeah the S20 FE is the leader in the clubhouse for me right now.
  8. mj4cy

    Writing a Book

    No idea what you're writing about or how to go about it, but something that always has stuck to me from hearing an author speak at my HS, "To be a good writer, you have to be a good listener". Good luck!
  9. mj4cy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    Looking to get a new android phone (I use it for work and personal). I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S8 and it did everything I need. I don't need the best of the best, but my priorities would be something in similar size and not having to relearn a new phone. There are about 4-5 different...
  10. mj4cy

    Where should I move?

    Charlotte is pretty awesome. Good weather, variety of food/BBQ/bars downtown. Also, the airport is only 6-7 miles from downtown and is 6th busiest in the country to get pretty much anywhere. KC is always a fun time and winters are much more palpable than Minnesota. Also, you can zoom up to...
  11. mj4cy

    ***2020-2021 College Football Survivor Week 8***

    Thanks man - I'll go with Bama
  12. mj4cy

    Prohm in top 20 of list of college basketball coaches

    .......on social media
  13. mj4cy

    Nebraska should just file for a divorce from the Big 10.....

    Play dumb games win dumb prizes.
  14. mj4cy

    Wisconsin QB tests positive for Covid

    I'm not sure it matters either way when you have schools like Iowa State figuring out how to manage playing and have superb test results with the virus. I hope other schools are taking notes.
  15. mj4cy

    *** Official CycloneRulzzz Birth(Day) Thread ***

    Happy birthday rulzzz!!! Great guy and awesome Cyclone fan. Man my bday was only one day off the legend!
  16. mj4cy

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    I don't know much and am wrong often.....but seriously how does Gary Barta still have a job on October 27th, 2020.
  17. mj4cy

    Official College Football Power Rankings Week 8

    They said OSU has the only Big 12 defense? It's not like ISU gave up 50+ points to them....just seems like low hanging fruit.
  18. mj4cy

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    The only consistency with most Iowa fans over the years is fickleness. When basketball is bad they're a wrestling school. When basketball is good Carver is one of the toughest places to play in the country.
  19. mj4cy

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    They can't afford to.