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  1. flander1649

    Props to the fans

    I think more so than the noise from the metal bleachers in the south endzone I believe people figured out they have a metal back rest in front of them they could bang on to make a lot of noise.
  2. flander1649

    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    Andy R was playing chess while John H. was still playing checkers. The ravens had no answer for anything KC did. This team is scary good when focused for the game.
  3. flander1649

    Blake Hinson to Miss 2020-21 Season

    That is too bad it seemed he was really excited to get here and play with this team. Hopefully he comes back full strength next year.
  4. flander1649

    Basketball Season to Start Nov. 25

    I wonder how soon we will get to see the updated schedules.
  5. flander1649

    Visiting Lawrence, KS - where to eat?

    23rd street brewery, Lawrence Beer co. have good food. El Portro is good mexican. Lots of places are take out right now since they are back in school.
  6. flander1649

    SENIOR FLOURISH: How ISU’s Chase Allen and Greg Eisworth plan to finish strong

    I can't wait for football to start! I am sure the players and coaches that have been working as hard as possible are in the same boat. They sound extremely excited to get things going. I will be cheering as loud as I can from wherever I get to watch them from.
  7. flander1649

    Positive *Informative* Covid News

    On Friday night ABC news called out ISU Muir said "Breakouts on college campuses like Notre Dame and Iowa State". It blew my mind I had heard nothing about breakouts at ISU. I know Notre Dame has had a good number of cases but like you said ISU has had their numbers during check-in but that is...
  8. flander1649

    Top-10 2021 combo guard includes ISU in top-seven

    Would be a nice get. His high school is 5 miles from my house kind of wish he was playing there this winter so I could go watch.
  9. flander1649

    Positive *Informative* Covid News His other two articles are linked in this one. Lots of facts, data and other articles linked in them. I believe the Stanford article about heard immunity that someone mentioned earlier in this tread is linked in his 2.0 article.
  10. flander1649

    High school football schedule

    Well from the looks of it if a kid or their parents don't want to play this season kids from other states are looking to fill those voids. If they want to play let them if you are worried about your health don't play it is the individuals and their families choice.
  11. flander1649

    Kansas City area Fanatics - living in KC advice

    I have lived in KC for the last 17 years most of it has been in Johnson county. Blue Valley and the Desoto (west Shawnee) school districts are both very good which a lot of parents want to get there kids into. South Overland Park, Olathe, West Lenexa and West Shawnee are all newer growing...
  12. flander1649

    Conference wins past 8 years MBB ...

    5??!!! :Do_O
  13. flander1649

    Liberty Bowl 2020?

    It's nice they use of picture of the stadium from last time ISU played their.
  14. flander1649

    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    I think it is 3-4 years in a row that the chiefs a heavy home schedule in Dec/Jan. Not really doing the fans any favors of nice weather home games.
  15. flander1649

    JP & ISU was first..

    I saw KU recently do the same thing.
  16. flander1649

    2021 Mock - Purdy 11th Overall

    Other drafts I have seen him in 10th to Pittsburgh and 15th to Chicago.
  17. flander1649

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    I thought it was a great pick by KC with CEH! They have Williams for 1 more year and then grabbing CEH in the first you control him for 5 years which is about the life of a RB. If he is still producing at a high clip maybe franchise him for a year and move on. He is perfect for what the...
  18. flander1649

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    He was behind Powell and got spot minutes. The games Powell was out he had some decent games including one vs Maryland.
  19. flander1649

    Howard Brown commits!

    Good news welcome to cyclone nation!
  20. flander1649

    Are you still working?

    Industrial Engineer for a garage door manufacturing company. I found out our business is essential in safety and security for both home and business so we get to stay working. We are taking a lot of steps for cleaning and social distancing. People who can work from home are allowed to.