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  1. Cardinal and Gold

    *** Official #17 IOWA STATE vs #6 Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    We needed that interception bad
  2. Cardinal and Gold

    Was the Young targeting call overturned?

    It did not get overturned. Campbell said they looked at it at the conference level and did not reverse the decision.
  3. Cardinal and Gold

    Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

    And next week on World of the Psychic
  4. Cardinal and Gold

    AP Poll prediction

    Gameday should be either our game or Cinci vs SMU, but it will probably be either OSU vs Nebraska or Michigan vs Minnesota. ESPN is way behind on their quota for Big 10 coverage and have some catching up to do according to Herbstreit.
  5. Cardinal and Gold

    AP Poll prediction

    If not for Baylor being the pain in the a$$ that they are, I think Okie State would be #5 over Ohio State giving us a shot at another top 5 win. Assuming Okie State would have beaten Baylor, which is a fairly safe assumption. I just like pointing out different ways that Baylor sucks and has...
  6. Cardinal and Gold

    ***CFB Games Oct. 9-10th***

    Yeah, that was total BS. Should have been a fumbled backwards pass. It's funny to hear how these SEC upsets (or should be upsets in Arkansas case) are due to the SEC being so good, but the Big 12's are because of how bad the Big 12 and it's defenses are....:rolleyes:. Can't wait to hear how...
  7. Cardinal and Gold

    MLB: ***Official 2020 Milwaukee Brewers Season Thread***

    Only the Brewers could lose their way into the playoffs with a below .500 record. But as a Brewers fan you gotta take it when it's given to you.
  8. Cardinal and Gold

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Is Nate Stanley their backup kicker?
  9. Cardinal and Gold

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Do we not have a kicker that can kick it into the end zone?
  10. Cardinal and Gold

    ULL Message Boards

    @Big Buds just wanted to say you are a good dude. Would love having another home and away with you guys. I would definitely come down there to enjoy some food. Cajun food is my favorite style of food period. I haven't had a good bowl of gumbo for some time. If things go our way this year (both...
  11. Cardinal and Gold

    Best and Worst Fans

    Just give him the Buscemi crazy eyes
  12. Cardinal and Gold

    MLB: ***Official 2020 Milwaukee Brewers Season Thread***

    This team is either going to score 20 runs or get goose egged. There is no medium (aka consistency).
  13. Cardinal and Gold

    Fort Dodge's Dayson Clayton puts together second 300+ yard rushing game of the season

    Ik this is off topic, but we definitely need a reboot of the LanRam package for short yardage. Soehner+Dean=nice sized battering ram out of the backfield?
  14. Cardinal and Gold

    College Gameday longshot predictions

    They were laughing because Bear took so long with his pick. Not because they thought his pick was bad.
  15. Cardinal and Gold

    How will the on field game look on TV on Sept 12.

    Like with the NBA's bubble games, I will find it interesting to hear the communication on the field more clearly without fans. Won't be as clear as the NBA with it being outside, but should be able to hear more from the field than usual.
  16. Cardinal and Gold

    THE At-Home Tailgate Thread

    Yeah, I try to avoid Boulder, so I'm not much help there. You could probably find a fine tofu/flax seed/quinoa restaurant, I kid I kid (but seriously). If you're in Lafayette/Longmont, I would recommend heading to Denver or come on up to Fort Collins for the day and go to a brewery. Game watches...
  17. Cardinal and Gold

    THE At-Home Tailgate Thread

    If your in downtown go to The Viewhouse. It's right next to Coors Field and you can sit on the rooftop (about 4 stories up) and get a good view of the area. Food is just standard sports bar stuff, but they do have a decent selection of beer on tap. Market/Blake street to 16th Street Mall have a...