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  1. aeroclone

    Wisconsin QB tests positive for Covid

    Bummer, was really looking forward to another Nebraska loss.
  2. aeroclone

    Merged Covid Megathread

    Is there a link to this 50% vaccine effectiveness expectation? I have seen this thrown out on the board several times but never sourced. The only reference I have seen to 50% is that 50% is the minimum requirement for approval but most experts seemed to think it would perform better.
  3. aeroclone

    *** Official #17 IOWA STATE vs #6 Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Time after time this team fails to come through in prove it games. Here we go again.
  4. aeroclone

    Some interesting matchups this weekend ...

    If ISU runs the table, that Louisiana game is going to vault up the list of biggest ISU nut kicks ever.
  5. aeroclone

    B12 well represented on coaches' hot seat ...

    That hasn't been the case at KU recently, which is part of the issue. Beatty got 4. Before that Weiss had less than 3 and Gill had 2. Had an interim for a partial season after Weiss. I agree Miles isn't on the hot seat, but I'm not sure if he is guaranteed 4-6 if he doesn't show some progress.
  6. aeroclone

    Pooka Williams Opting out

    At this point I'm honestly not sure what it will take to get the KU football program off the mat. They have just been so bad for so long, and the hits keep coming.
  7. aeroclone

    Iowa State in 4k?

    Does this stream in 4k on the ESPN app?
  8. aeroclone

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    We are QB regression U.
  9. aeroclone

    More and more it feels like K-State/OU won't happen ...

    I think for football they usually charter, so it would only be players and staff on the plane.
  10. aeroclone

    Ben Bruns in-depth on what happened and why on Saturday vs. Louisiana

    Ben's assessment around our history of slow starts being scheme related timing stuff certainly makes a case for super soft scheduling as we should expect this to continue and will need a real tune up game. It also isn't encouraging for our prospects against Iowa moving forward.
  11. aeroclone

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    We are quarterback regression U.
  12. aeroclone

    Positive *Informative* Covid News

    A 10% effective vaccine wouldn't be approved. Faucci has mentioned before that it would need to be over 50% to get approved.
  13. aeroclone

    Clogged Toilet

    This is proper technique right here.
  14. aeroclone

    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    Put me in the camp of people who think the ACC, B12 and SEC are just delaying the inevitable. They can posture now and get a leg up on the B1G and PAC as if they are working harder to try and play, but ultimately they will follow suit and cancel.
  15. aeroclone

    RIP Wilford Brimley

    This guy was a staple of my childhood sick days home from school. Couldn't watch daytime TV without Wilford pitching me home delivery of diabetes testing supplies. Bummer.
  16. aeroclone

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    The problem in my community is that all of the parents seem to be in la-la land. Our district is 5 days out from the deadline to enroll for all online. The alternative is full return, we are not being offered a hybrid. So far, less than 1% have signed up for virtual. This is in a purple...
  17. aeroclone

    College Football Season Death Pool

    Didn't a couple of the mid major conferences scrap their conference tourneys before the P5 leagues hung things up in March? I think it is possible that the big boys play while the small schools hang it up, but these aren't good signs.
  18. aeroclone

    NO FANS AT CYCLONE GAMES? Chiefs are also preparing for reduced capacity this fall.
  19. aeroclone

    Redskins Yes or no

    I think the Redskinds name needs to change, but I'm not really sold on extending that to other franchises with names based on Native Americans. Redskins is a slur, while Chiefs, Indians, Braves etc are not. That said, I would love to see some broad polling of Native Americans on the topic. It...