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  1. herbicide

    This is why Prohm must go........

    I was the Floyd and Eustacy years; 96-01. Highs and lows for certain, but even the bottom teams then competed.
  2. herbicide

    This is why Prohm must go........

    I’m 41 years old and can tell you this is the worst ISU team I’ve seen in my lifetime.
  3. herbicide

    Halftime Hot Takes

    It’s “I let the wife switch it to the bachelor” bad.
  4. herbicide

    Iowa State Basketball is a Mid-Major Roster

    ISU is an awful team. Nothing groundbreaking here but they should be better than they are. I think the Iowa loss + FAMU games broke their spirit.
  5. herbicide

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #23 Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    I nominate this post for dumbest post of the year award.
  6. herbicide

    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    non competes can’t prevent someone from making a living. If they signed a severance package it’s different, but if not any non compete they signed would probably not be upheld by a judge for that reason.
  7. herbicide

    Iowa State Basketball is a Mid-Major Roster

    This was announced/determined in September so it has nothing to do with ISU's performance to date.
  8. herbicide

    MONDAY MUSINGS: Hoops thoughts, football coaching changes, don't be a jackass

    For the sake of discussion his final year was screwed over by the NCAA not clearing CJ Bruton, and wasn't helped by the other recruiting losses. I personally give him a pass on that season just as I give Prohm a pass on 17-18.
  9. herbicide

    Wake the F up Cyclone Nation

    Yes folk, it’s one thing to vent on a message board. It’s altogether inappropriate to tweet negatively to players and yes, even coaches.
  10. herbicide

    2019-2020 Computer Projections Thread

    I think there is a lot of potential for growth, this team might be pretty good by the end of the season. I just fear it’ll be too late for it to matter.
  11. herbicide

    2019-2020 Computer Projections Thread

    They also have some nice ocean front properties in Arizona for sell.
  12. herbicide

    Iowa State Basketball is a Mid-Major Roster

    it’s the new kindler, gentler benji.
  13. herbicide

    Question about the refs

    They are not supposed to take the foul under review, it 'should' purely be who touched the ball last. I don't have a problem with how it was called. The refs have historically bent how the rule book is applied, just think how they call blocks/charges. Technically speaking defenders have the...
  14. herbicide

    Steve Prohm

    That and Jacobson and Young are not positively contributing right now. Conditt got 31 out of 45 min available, which is a lot for a big.
  15. herbicide

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    Bane(?) clearly had the last two touches of the ball. The foul was pretty blatant, and while they're not supposed to change their calls that way, I don't really blame him for doing so.
  16. herbicide

    Steve Prohm

    Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I still say Conditt should not have been in there for that situation. But also, knowing the roster as we do, I'm not certain who should be. Probably either Grill, Griffin, or Lewis.
  17. herbicide

    Steve Prohm

    I deleted my recording, I can't put myself thru the torture.
  18. herbicide

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    Again, this is just one example of a lot of 'execution' issues leading to losses. I tend to think its mostly due to inexperience (read: roster turnover), yet that is a whole new can of worms.