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  1. cyhawkdmb

    FS: 2 Tickets to Texas Tech

  2. cyhawkdmb

    FS: 2 Tickets to Texas Tech

    2 tickets for sale. No parking pass. Section G row 4. $35 a ticket.
  3. cyhawkdmb

    ISO: Parking Pass 9/14 (any lot)

    I have a G7 parking pass.
  4. cyhawkdmb

    Pellet grills

    I bought the cheapest Pit Boss from Walmart in June. Tailgater or something like that. Very similar to the portable GMG. It has taken some getting used to vs gas, but I enjoy cooking everything on the Pit Boss. Just need to figure more time then gas. I also bought the extended warranty from...
  5. cyhawkdmb

    South Dakota Real Estate Agent

    Who is this Mark Charter?? I should do that.. But.....
  6. cyhawkdmb

    South Dakota Real Estate Agent

    Broadening my search to Minnesota. Anyone have an agent that could help out? Looking for someone with knowledge of lake house properties. Western/Central/SW Minnesota.
  7. cyhawkdmb

    Narrowing things down for our tailgate beer with Barn Town

    I picked Red Ale both times. Then I always go on and read about how good BarnTown is with IPA's... So honestly I will be happy with any except for the Pils
  8. cyhawkdmb

    South Dakota Real Estate Agent

    Looking for a Real Estate Agent in the Sioux Falls, Brookings area. Any recommendations?
  9. cyhawkdmb

    Parking selection what’s left

    G7 is all that is available. I dont get how I could park in G6 for the last 4 years and get the boot.
  10. cyhawkdmb

    Town of Salem Mafia Sign Up

    Sorry, had a busy weekend. I would play. If not no biggie.
  11. cyhawkdmb

    MLB: ***Official 2018 Milwaukee Brewers Season Thread***

    Going down to KC today. Just stopping in. Royals fan... But have always followed the Brewers. Going to be cold and rainy possibly. Take it easy on us!!
  12. cyhawkdmb

    Arnold Park - Activities

    Food is expensive up there. But my favorite place to eat is Maxwells. Very good food. With the kids, get a seat out on the patio.
  13. cyhawkdmb

    **Mafia Sign Up**

    You would vote Fortnite.
  14. cyhawkdmb

    **Mafia Sign Up**

  15. cyhawkdmb

    #4 plants ISU flag at midfield

    That would be "thee" Coach.
  16. cyhawkdmb

    KXNO Podcasts

    Sports Fanatic came into my podcast app yesterday. Still no Murph and Andy.
  17. cyhawkdmb

    A Cyclone Fanatic Beer Club: Interested?

    I really like what Empyrean Brewing is doing in Lincoln.
  18. cyhawkdmb

    Needing Washing Machine Recommendations

    I have heard goo things about Speed Queen?? But I personally, after going through 2 top load HE washing machines in the last 9 years, just purchased the cheapest washing machine I could find. A Kenmore top load no thing in the middle, and my wife loves it. my thought was why spend $1000 every...