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  1. Tornado man

    Nebraska should just file for a divorce from the Big 10.....

    On the contrary, ISU fits much more with the Big 10, both in cultural profile and academic strengths. There are three peer schools in the Big 10 that come immediately to mind that we compare ourselves to: Mich State, Purdue, and Penn State. There are none in the Big 12.
  2. Tornado man

    Photos from VB vs Baylor

    Among Christy's greats at libero and setter: Mass, Manns, Landwehr - those players were not recruited by the big schools. They were 2 or 3 star recruits. Yes Kristen Hahn was a level higher. And CJL kept her in-state, out of CR Kennedy. I too would love a new smaller VB arena - but don't think...
  3. Tornado man

    Photos from VB vs Baylor

    This program began regressing long before Sullivan left. And when we were winning, we had less talented players -at least on paper coming out of high school - than we do now. The edge is gone from our VB program. Losses are just not as painful, and just making the NCAA's is now a trumpeted...
  4. Tornado man

    ***CFB Games Oct. 9-10th***

    Well hopefully Mike Leach is impressed with SEC defenses - they are shutting him down...and he's not even playing the real good teams yet.
  5. Tornado man

    Bruce Harreld Retiring?

    Well, Wendy was "forced" on ISU as well Not a single faculty/staff member that I know of is happy with her either. Most say she was/is unqualified.
  6. Tornado man

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Maybe Rudy Wade wasn't the problem?
  7. Tornado man

    PODCAST: Jamie Pollard on the last 14 days

    Then you'd better blame the ISU faculty and staff. You know, those folks that have dominated the Ames city council and decision-making boards in Ames for years!
  8. Tornado man

    Pollard sounds off on critics of recommendation to close C.Y. Stephens indefinitely

    Well, lots of universities build their own - ISU could too. Every university campus convention center that I know of (like Illinois' in Champaign and Michigan State's in East Lansing lately) have been built/funded/operated by that university, commonly in a partnership with a hotel developer...
  9. Tornado man

    Pollard Details Recommended Cuts

    Amen. Lots of universities employ management companies to book entertainment in their venues - both performing arts auditoriums and sports arenas. They must see it as worth the cost. Wells Fargo's management company, Spectra, has college clients all around the country.
  10. Tornado man

    Pollard Details Recommended Cuts

    Management companies are very valuable in that they have relationships with promoters and touring companies that lead to events and concerts being booked. A big reason that has Wells Fargo Arena dominating Hilton regarding concerts and shows (pre-COVID of course) is that they are managed by...
  11. Tornado man

    Sooners' Sherri Coale apologizes after ex-players say program racially insensitive

    Looks like Stollings is firing back... "Texas Tech then did an internal review of the women's basketball program in the wake of Petrella's resignation and other...
  12. Tornado man

    Forbes Article - U of Iowa in deep financial trouble

    Pat Forde's column - not a good look for Gary Barta... "On Monday, when Barta had a media zoom call to gloss right past the eliminated sports and move on to discussing football, he declared Friday “one of the most difficult days of my career.” Sounded good, but how difficult did he really make...
  13. Tornado man

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    I would too -our biggest conference rival.
  14. Tornado man

    What about an ISU vs Iowa bowl game

    You mean a P5 team we can beat?
  15. Tornado man

    New strength coach

    Agree totally. Surely there are some great strength coaches - on losing programs.
  16. Tornado man

    New strength coach

    ??? I watched Pitt get pushed around by Boston College last year, and Va Tech too.
  17. Tornado man

    NY Times Article about JTS

    Iowa State didn't let Blacks live on campus in 1923 - Trice lived in a room in downtown Ames. "Black students could not live on campus, so he (Trice) found an upstairs room in the Masonic Temple building downtown, two miles from campus."...
  18. Tornado man

    NY Times Article about JTS

    I didn't realize that Trice was not permitted to eat with his team. I guess ISU was no different than other places in 1923.
  19. Tornado man

    If ISU Has to cut sports, which sports are on the block?

    WBB loses upwards of $2 mil an year.
  20. Tornado man

    Stanford Cutting Wrestling Program

    Beat writer for the San Jose Mercury News: Jon Wilner @wilnerhotline · "My point: The university has so much money, it could cover the athletic department's shortfall by mistake and never realize it: school simply chooses not to."