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  1. ChrisMWilliams

    WILLIAMS: How I'm approaching Iowa State/Kansas ... weekly Big 12 predictions

  2. ChrisMWilliams

    The worst beat ever? Brutal

    Thought I'd share. It made my physically ill reading. Feel so bad for this dude!
  3. ChrisMWilliams

    Special CF Whiskey: Staff pick Cody Road event on Nov. 11

    Extremely limited event due to Covid precautions. This is going to be awesome, guys. A great collectors item at that. I'd highly encourage you sign up soon if you'd like to be a part of this.
  4. ChrisMWilliams

    New goodie (Fanalytix): Let me know what you think

    We’re one if the first sites to introduce a new feature called game view 360 by Fanalytix. These are single graphics that tell the story of an entire game. They give a quick overview of the game flow while also allowing you to dive deeper and discover more details. We’re getting a sneak peak at...
  5. ChrisMWilliams

    COLUMN: Three Up, Three Down from ISU's 24-21 loss at OSU

  6. ChrisMWilliams

    CF GAMEDAY: No. 17 Iowa State at No. 6 Oklahoma State

    Enjoy ... a few hours early.
  7. ChrisMWilliams

    WILLIAMS: A final assessment of ISU/OSU plus Big 12 picks

    Continue reading...
  8. ChrisMWilliams


    Enjoy. New episode is live!
  9. ChrisMWilliams

    WATCH: Mike Gundy previews Iowa State

  10. ChrisMWilliams

    Tyrese Haliburton in WWE

  11. ChrisMWilliams

    Williams & Blum Pod: Setting up for a massive game week

  12. ChrisMWilliams

    Action Fanatics: Week 6

    We're live!
  13. ChrisMWilliams

    PODCAST: Legends Episode: Dan McCarney

    Phenomenal. I had goosebumps like 3 different times. Hope you guys enjoy on the bye weekend.
  14. ChrisMWilliams

    Williams & Blum Pod: ISU spanks Tech, Covid is back in the Big 12 and more

  15. ChrisMWilliams

    INSTANT REACTION: Iowa State 31, Texas Tech 15

  16. ChrisMWilliams

    Action Fanatics Podcast: Week 5

  17. ChrisMWilliams

    COLUMN: The Cyclones are playing slower this season, Big 12 picks/power rankings

    Enjoy! Did a lot of research on this.
  18. ChrisMWilliams

    Smoking with CW: Pork rib tips from Smokey D

    I recently had a lot of fun doing this courtesy of Iowa Pork with Darren from Smokey D. Great guy, Cyclone fan, who I learned a lot from. Enjoy!