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  1. cycloneML

    NOTEBOOK: Cyclones looking to hop on “defensive bus” as practice gets underway

    So this means no offense? What a bummer
  2. cycloneML

    Zero Turn vs Lawn Tractor

    Once you go ZTR you won’t go back
  3. cycloneML

    B12 well represented on coaches' hot seat ...

    Surly I’m at Tanners in Aggieville. Whar are You?
  4. cycloneML

    What is a farmer's day-to-day schedule like?

    Calculate break even price for beans
  5. cycloneML

    More Freerentz ****storm!

    Can Chris Williams refund me the 3 minutes I spent reading the posts on this thread?
  6. cycloneML

    Not just Saban,.....

    Same thing happened to me in rural MO and IA and you can feel the resentment for not wearing a mask
  7. cycloneML

    Texas eyes a conundrum ...

    He’s speaking for the big money donors no doubt
  8. cycloneML

    Here's the latest on Skylar Thompson ...

    Goes to show Kelly Robinett is absolutely clueless. What a hack
  9. cycloneML

    Young's Hit

    Nonsense. ISU is the team that’s been showcased on ABC the last 2 weeks.
  10. cycloneML

    Ku starting to leak at recruiting ...

    You’re not a Jayhawk fan?
  11. cycloneML

    [remain calm] PATHWAY TO DALLAS

    Do we root for OU in this game?
  12. cycloneML

    American Murder: The Family Next Door

    Detectives weren’t buying what he was selling
  13. cycloneML

    American Murder: The Family Next Door

    A dandy show
  14. cycloneML

    So, it's now Lincoln's program ...

    Hope you’re right Surly
  15. cycloneML

    Looking for advice-what to see and do in Ames and at ISU

    Take the Mrs Campaniling
  16. cycloneML

    Without a sarcastic or meme answer, can anyone explain what the heck is going on this year?

    Did OU just screw up next Saturdays ABC prime time slot for us?
  17. cycloneML

    Klieman & KState are going to be a problem, aren't they?

    I wouldn’t trade CMC but Klieman is legit.