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    What’s your Thanksgiving and Christmas going to look like?

    Thanksgiving I'll be staying where I am (I think I've gone back to see my parents on Thanksgiving once in the past 5 years). So that's not a big deal. Probably go hiking in Joshua Tree or maybe the southern Sierra's Still trying to figure out Christmas. Don't want to spend it by myself, but due...
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    Amazon Prime Day

    I'm genuinely surprised about the volume of people having issues with Prime Shipments. Maybe it's just because I live in Houston but I rarely get stuff outside of the two day window (except during hurricanes). A lot of times it shows up next day. Otherwise Amazon has been very clear about...
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    Installing Christmas lights

    This would be the easiest way to go under. You might also try sticking a high with an inline nozzle inside an uncapped pipe to essentially hydroblast your way through if it's real tough going. Going to make a very large mess though. A pressure washer with a 0 degree tip would do the same thing.
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    The live camera doesn't show for me, but if you click the archive you can see yesterday's picture at noon or download a timelapse of say Saturday when we have fans in the stands.
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    I've hit myself in the head a couple of times at work so hard if I hadn't been wearing a hard hat I'm pretty sure somebody would have found my drooling on myself. Never a fun feeling. Just standing there (hoping no one saw me) and trying to decide if all my teeth are in the right spot and if my...
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    NFL: ***2020 NFL Season Thread***

    Maybe its an ankle dislocation? Either way it's not good. Nor was it enjoyable to look at.
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Experience? I tend to direct my breath down rather than out. I also have have smaller glasses that sit higher up and closer to my face. Also helps to have a mask that has a bendable / sealable nose piece (like N95s or other dust masks have). Pinch that thing tight and it really helps cut down...
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    Formula One starts this weekend, am I the only fan?

    I think his quali time was understandable. I mean he had what 10 minutes to get familiar with the car, the track and set a lap time? I guess F1 drivers aren't as good as they think they are.:jimlad:
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    I think I'm the communist (or maybe a heathen) since I don't like PB&Js...
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    Friday OT #1 - Vice City

    Yeah. Back when this entire thing started it was really bad for me. Had to make the conscious decision not to look at those apps (I started running after work instead). Enabling apples screen time alerts was also eye opening about how much I was looking at my phone every single day. Still get...
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    Friday OT #2 - Huey Lewis and the...

    Yahoo for some headlines. I also use Google news. Seems to give a fairly succinct set of headlines and I'll pick and choose articles from there. Seems to be fairly unbiased about sites that it pulls from (but I haven't done a hard look)
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    Friday OT #1 - Vice City

    Fast Food. I also have a major soft spot for Dr. Pepper & Kit Kats. Thankfully I do have the self control to not by them at the grocery store. Oh, I also bite my finger nails. Really should stop that.
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    The Social Dilemma

    I realized the same thing this spring with the COVID / BLM stuff going on. I was sitting at home and seriously freaking out about stuff. Realized that I was getting agitated because of social media (FB, Reddit/imgur, etc). Definitely cut myself off and flat out unfollowed some people that I had...
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Want to know what adds to the joys of having to move from TX to CA on relatively short notice, during a pandemic, with a completely different moving company and procedures (compared to the last 3 moves I've done)? Being on the edge of the cone for another major hurricane!!o_O
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    Dune - Villeneuve adaptation

    I think they are going to have a hard time finding a VoD price point that works well. While $30 may be a steal for a family of 4 to go see Trolls or a Pixar film, your single movie watchers or even couple may balk a little bit more about the price. I'd have to think long and hard about spending...
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    Irish court rules Subway bread can't be legally defined as bread

    The amount of sugar or corn syrup in stuff nowadays is just scary. Trying to figure out a diet plan to lose some weight and reducing sugar was on my list. It's f'ing everywhere in anything that's not from the perimeter or the grocery store (and even then it's in a lot of those items.
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    How much stuff do you keep in your garage?

    I'm an apartment dweller so no comment. I will say that no matter how much space you have, the amount of stuff you have will always expand to fill it. I see it even on project sites with 5+ acre laydown areas. Parents had a two car garage (two separate doors). Always were able to get both cars...
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    I would like to propose that anything and everything related to 2020 be kept in one place so we can just lock the door at the end and pretend it never happened (even though this thread is the one bit of sanity that has persevered in 2020).
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Those are some big bears. Not to mention that even at 1200+ lbs they are still scary fast.
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Probably won't be as good as in your memory TBH. Stuff like that never is. Or you'll eat 3/4 of it and hate yourself for the rest of the day (and maybe the following day).