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  1. Beyerball

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    Yea I’m gonna say that this post and tweet doesn’t exactly shine a better light on anything.
  2. Beyerball

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    I wouldn't be so sure...Univ had no problem paying out $2-3 mil to a woman recenty based on discrimination...1 Person....A jury in today's climate? might not have a problem at all hammering KF and company..
  3. Beyerball

    Linemen injuries

    Hoping Ramos might be ready by okie st...With Downing and Ramos down we are getting very thin suddenly..
  4. Beyerball

    Don't see much change after your TxT game victory ...

    kstate DL does not have advantage over isu DL..especially depth...we literally use 9 guys in a 3 man front with no drop off..
  5. Beyerball

    [remain calm] PATHWAY TO DALLAS

    Isu would have to lose 3 more games for OU to jump isu and KSU as well.. I could see Isu or KSU beating okie st and then ou beating okie st and that would put ou ahead of okie st. OU has to win out..
  6. Beyerball

    *** Official Texas Tech vs #24 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    tech defenders didn’t useone another at all...the 2 DTs literally just walked into backfield.. yes it is flag to step on another player back and jump over top..that didn’t happen here.. I wish it
  7. Beyerball

    Designed QB rollouts

    Purdy ran more tonight but at times bc he was forced agree with OP..More QB runs will keep those blitzing LBs back.. OU was blitzing every single play...One way to stop that is your QB running thru blitz for 20 yards.
  8. Beyerball

    WILLIAMS: Three Up, Three Down from ISU's 37-30 win over Oklahoma

    Thanks CW! Btw Im pretty sure Will McDonald is a RS Soph...which makes him even more scary..Dude has at least 2 years left.
  9. Beyerball

    Black and White end zones and logo for Saturday at Jack Trice!

    I like that our Black uni have silver trim.. black and silver where original school colors
  10. Beyerball

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    College basketball in general past 4-5 years has really dropped off in talent IMO.. NBA rule changes and expansion of G league has really affected talent staying in college. Duke, KY, UNC all normally and traditionally top 15 teams and its been hit and miss with them. I find it hilarious all...
  11. Beyerball

    Sean Shaw drop off? has been 1 game...and i say 1 game bc that game against UL was not a game by ISU.. It's been 1 game..and SHaw blocking on the outside has been fantastic.
  12. Beyerball

    Merged Covid Megathread

    There are scientists who think once 15-20% of population is infected we could see Herd Immunity bc nearly 50% of infected individuals are asymptomatic. Granted the asymptomatic group is still not well understood...But that is why some scientists think this.
  13. Beyerball

    Jirehel Brock? Where is he?

    I think KENE is a 5th year senior...he knows the offense and can be effective..Jirhel seems a lot more talented... keep in mind that after this season Jirhel technically will be still a im guessing we will see Jirhel soon enough..
  14. Beyerball

    WILLIAMS: Three Up, Three Down from ISU's 37-34 win over TCU

    Once Brock finds his rythym with this new WR group and Kolar is fully healthy then I think we start seeing Purdy progress.. Remember there was no Spring football...really no summer. Brock hasnt had much time to build a bond on the field with this WR group and it is showing at times. I'd...
  15. Beyerball

    Darrell Simmons Jr sighting

    Im beginning to think That R Hudson is soon to be part of my Mandella effect...Soon he will not be on the roster and i will swear he was there...
  16. Beyerball

    Post-game TCU celebration thread

    On 2 Touchdown run plays a gapping hole opened up right where Simmons our OG was... For a RS frosh who really hasnt played he played a great game. I also thought Foster played well in pass protection for most part.. Really like Simmons at OG and his upside...Get Downing back and we might just...
  17. Beyerball

    Crazy what a win does for my optimism...

    TCU was far more ready to play than I expected.. TCU has talent.. we still aren’t in total sync and offensively but having Kolar back helps a lot .. kudos to our WRs for making some key catches
  18. Beyerball

    More and more it feels like K-State/OU won't happen ...

    exactly...especially when big 12 teams are all doing 3x week testing...soon to be daily testing.
  19. Beyerball

    Ben Bruns in-depth on what happened and why on Saturday vs. Louisiana

    Iowa gets stud DB's bc of Phil Parker...period. GUy is one of best evaluators of talent there is in college football.
  20. Beyerball

    Blake Hinson to Miss 2020-21 Season

    I guess you won't be watching this team this season then?