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  1. Mr Janny

    Special CF Whiskey: Staff pick Cody Road event on Nov. 11

    After hearing @ChrisMWilliams talk them up, I picked up some of their bourbon, as well as the Iowish cream and River Rose Gin. It's all really good stuff.
  2. Mr Janny

    ***2020 Vikings Thread***

    They'll get something out of him, I suppose. Seems like they didn't think there was much chance of resigning him with next year's cap situation. They would have likely got a 3rd round compensatory pick if he left, but this Baltimore pick will be at worst, a little bit better than the...
  3. Mr Janny

    Dead Heads Still Living Consider Yourself Lucky

    For reference:
  4. Mr Janny

    Dead Heads Still Living Consider Yourself Lucky

    Oh I know. There was a massive thread on the Smiley face killers on this site, several years back. There were some true believers. I was not one of them
  5. Mr Janny

    Dead Heads Still Living Consider Yourself Lucky

    Smiley face killers?
  6. Mr Janny

    Texas eyes a conundrum ...

    I was just quoting the movie "The Jerk"
  7. Mr Janny

    Texas eyes a conundrum ...

    Not a Hamms commercial, but as far as beer commercials go, it's tough to beat this one.
  8. Mr Janny

    Texas eyes a conundrum ...

    I always call a gang "she". It's like when you call a boat "she", or a hurricane "she"...You can call a girl she, that's just one of the many things you can call "she"
  9. Mr Janny

    That “Modern Era” Thing

    Agreed. I was speaking specifically about college football in my post
  10. Mr Janny

    That “Modern Era” Thing

    I think I would definitely mark the start of the BCS as the beginning of a new era in college football. And the playoff would be another one, except, I think I would say the line of delineation might be all of the realignment. But 1960 as the beginning of the modern era? No I don't buy that...
  11. Mr Janny

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    I think what he's saying is that in civil court, the burden of proof isn't reasonable doubt, it's just a preponderance. That means the prosecution only has to prove that the defendant is most likely responsible, as opposed to responsible beyond a reasonable doubt. Given the findings you...
  12. Mr Janny

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Season Thread***

    That might do it for the Packers. Never can count out AR, but this would be a pretty tall order.
  13. Mr Janny

    Texas eyes a conundrum ...

    Was just going to comment on that. Unironic use of the word "mollycoddle" in 2020 is a great way to let people know that your opinion is entirely ignorable. Same goes for "hootenanny" "britches" and "rapscallion".
  14. Mr Janny

    This article has something for everyone

    Corrupt police? Check Pin-up girls? Check Corpses falling on top of people, causing them to falsely file for disability? Check Somebody get HBO on the line. We got our next season of True Detective...
  15. Mr Janny

    Another accent/dialect thread (with test)

    So, this isn't quiz related, but it does have to do with dialects. I just got off of a call, for work, with a guy from Alabama. We had been chitchatting, and he was talking about his love of animals, particularly dogs. Except, he didn't say dog. Dog is a one syllable word that is pronounced...
  16. Mr Janny

    On That Note - H Two Oh!

    I was going to toss in another from the Meat Puppets, a totally under rated band
  17. Mr Janny

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Season Thread***

    That was just filthy.
  18. Mr Janny

    Cooking Question: Substituting Mayonnaise for Sour Cream?

    Greek yogurt would be a decent substitute for mayo in a wing sauce recipe, if you're just going to toss the wings in the sauce.