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  1. acoustimac

    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies handle overmatched SIUE

    There was a bit of good news at the beginning of the game...well, warmups anyway. Jordao was in uniform. I'll tell you right here the reason was she was the "poster player" of the evening. The ladies arrived home from out west at 6AM Monday morning. You can imagine what kind of zombies they were...
  2. acoustimac

    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies fall apart in fourth in first loss

    Talk about a game of halves. Everyone talked about ISU's offense and also North Carolina's ability to overcome big deficits. We saw both tonight. Soares started the scoring for the sisters on a rebound two. Both teams were playing good defense and offenses were missing. One thing I saw early on...
  3. acoustimac

    Twister Sister Summary - Coming Out Party for Soares

    Michigan State has always pushed the Sisters to the limit and they came into this game 7-0, but with an unimpressive list of opponents. There was much ballyhoo about their full court press and how they averaged forcing nearly 25 turnovers per game, many of which translated directly to points...
  4. acoustimac

    Twister Sister Summary - The machine was rolling..

    I did a background check on Columbia ahead of this one. Rather than being the "unknown" easy win, I saw the Lions as a threat mainly because they were a prolific three point shooting team. I looked at their three wins against Delaware, Seton Hall and Memphis along with their only loss to...
  5. acoustimac

    Twister Sister Summary - Well a win is a win, but...

    Games against UNI are typically a scrap. Last year in Hilton ISU managed to pull out a one point victory. Well, this game was a game of halves and far more drama than anyone needed. First quarter saw both teams come out on fire. ISU and UNI were both hitting shots and a high rate and for ISU it...
  6. acoustimac

    ***#8 Iowa State vs. UNI (6:00 pm)***

    What I feel is our first real test comes up tomorrow night. Would love to hear insights from others in this group. UNI comes in 2-0 with ok wins over low caliber teams (much like ISU has). The first over small school St Thomas-Minnesota was a 12 pointer and against St Louis was a 20 point...
  7. acoustimac

    Back due to a Protective Mandate for Fans!

  8. acoustimac

    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies find a way...just a different way

    Has it really been eight months since I last attended a women's game? Wow...well, here we are ready to go again with another look at the ISU women's performances via the Twister Sister Summary. My wife says I should start by saying this was a "poopy game," but I prefer to look at it in a...
  9. acoustimac

    ***The Official ESPN + Stinks Thread***

    Never been so frustrated with a so called service in my life. Every commercial the thing goes to endless commercials. Quit and restart and it sometimes works…sometimes restarts the game and sometimes goes to endless commercials “event about to start” message. And we are saddled with this junk...
  10. acoustimac

    Tickets avail first two games

    I’ll be visiting the grandkids in NC and have to miss the exhibition game (Nov 2) and the first reg season game (Nov 7). Either or both games are FREE to the first to PM me. Electronic transfer. Two tickets for each game.
  11. acoustimac

    Great tickets/D4 parking for WVU - Section V Row 10 (45 yard line) $160 for all

    Seats 41-42…north end of the row right on the aisle. Great view at the 45 yard line. Seat backs. Send me a message if interested. Pay with Venmo or PayPal and I transfer the electronic tickets.
  12. acoustimac

    Single for OU section V Row 10 #42 chairback $60

    Right on the aisle at the 45 yard line. $70 Can accept payment via Venmo/PayPal and will transfer tickets electronically.
  13. acoustimac

    2022-23 Twister Sisters Season Thread day has arrived. I'm pulling the trigger and creating the season thread. Had to beat Boxter for once on this one. Watching the Coach Fen presser is so worthwhile! Especially when he compares this team to the 2000 Frese/Welle/Taylor team. Great comments on Soares, Donarski, and Fritz...
  14. acoustimac

    If you think our offense is bad…

    i was beside myself when we had the ball twice at approx the 50 and went nowhere…well…our neighbors to the east did it one better. "Iowa started a drive in its own territory, was forced to punt, recovered a muff of said punt, moved backward again, punted again, forced another turnover, lost...
  15. acoustimac

    Remember when…

    For those clamoring for Manning to be fired… It hasn’t been too long ago when he did leave and Campbell took over play calling. Fans spent the entire season moaning and groaning about how bad it was. So…maybe the offense is a reflection of the man at the top as much as anything else?
  16. acoustimac

    Colorado searching for coach!

    Another head coach fired… Another coaching search has started, and… Gasp… For once Campbell’s name is nowhere to be found
  17. acoustimac

    Conference v non conference

    Woke up this morning thinking about yesterdays game and last seasons. The question arose…would you rather beat Iowa or win you conference games. Some have said in the past they’d rather beat xyz in the conference than Iowa. Where are you now? Would you trade the Iowa win for a win against Baylor?
  18. acoustimac

    Top 100 players in Iowa

    Always fun to look at this stuff, although seeing Iowa dominate state recruiting gags me a bit. Check out this article from Des Moines Register: Introducing the Iowa High School Football Top 100 for the 2022 season...
  19. acoustimac

    Northern Iowa MIA

    UNI is nowhere to be found in the FCS rankings on CBS Sports.
  20. acoustimac

    Changes for the NCAA tournament (WBB)

    They’ve announced a couple of changes with the bit being where the sweet sixteen onward will be played.