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  1. t-noah

    Let's root for KSU tonight v OU (Out)!

    What say you! One down. Te$as falls to Tech! Great win Tech!!! One to go. Would love it if the Cats upset the precious sooners!
  2. t-noah

    Iowa State BB player & Pete Maravich...?

    Does anyone know who might be the person / player (jersey anyway) pictured with Pete in this Pete Maravich clip, who is seemingly wearing an Iowa State BB uniform? It's very brief, only 3 seconds long or so, at the 14:30 mark. I was just watching a little Pete, saw this, and now am very...
  3. t-noah

    Ignoring other posters and emojis

    @ChrisMWilliams, @JStanz51 , @Conner_Ferguson, I think that a good way to improve the site, would be to eliminate any record / or ability of an "ignored" person, to give an emoji comment (dumb, dislike, etc.) on a person's post who is "ignoring" them. Perhaps, if you can't eliminate or change...
  4. t-noah

    Setting up AmazonSmile so a percentage of your Amazon purchases go to Cyclone Gridiron Club (directly to ISU Football; or other charity of choice)

    Buying things from Amazon can be set up to help ISU football, Cyclone Gridiron Club! In more detail: Go to your regular Amazon web page, then under top banner hover over but don't click "Accounts & Lists", then click "AmazonSmile" (under "Your Account"). Set your charity to "Cyclone Gridiron...
  5. t-noah

    Super Bowl (LVI) Commercials Thread

    SB commercials. Don't see one yet. Put down the ones you like here. As game goes on, rank them if you want. I haven't started watching just yet. Enjoy the game. I'm gonna root for the Bengals.
  6. t-noah

    CW child was/is in ER and Hospital last couple of days...

    @ChrisMWilliams...and our thoughts and prayers to your daughter, CW! Let us know how she is doing. For those of you who don't know, Williams dtr. had trouble breathing (virus) and was admited to hospital Xmas evening. I hear she is doing better so hopefully that continues! Williams & Blum...
  7. t-noah

    ISU vs. Iowa full game replay (YouTube)

    Found this not too long ago on YouTube. I posted it in another thread but I think it deserves its own.
  8. t-noah

    Lunar Eclipse tonight!

    for all you night owls! Longest partial lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years coming tonight (
  9. t-noah

    GameDayOfTheWeekBeer Oregon State

    I am on an Alcohol reduction plan, past month, trying to limit myself to 2 drinks less than or equal to 5x/wk, so far drinking less than that. for my health. Tonight I ran into: "Steel Reserve" (High Gravity), 8.1 alc., 24 oz can, The Steel Brewing Co, Milwaukee, WI, Very nice! Highly...
  10. t-noah game replay

    How long do I have to wait to watch the UNI video replay on Is it one or two days? Thanks! Honestly I didn't watch any of the BB game replays last year, so I sort of forgot.
  11. t-noah

    Laugh with Norm McDonald...

    We'll be all business with football soon, so here's a little more Norm. I like his one about Germany in particular. Give us your favorite 'Norm'.
  12. t-noah

    Preseason Hype! Is it Football yet?!

    Guys, you have to watch this again!!! The whole video here. If this doesn't get you pumped up for the season, nothing will! I had this in the campbellism thread, but it wasn't getting any looks. It's so exciting to see 'the Process', Campbell's inspriration, and how this team/program has grown...
  13. t-noah

    Laugh with Frank Caliendo

    We could use a few laughs about now, all this happening to Big 12, realignment, college football. Here's Frank. Always makes me laugh. Love the one on Bill Walton especially at about 6:20. 20 FUNNIEST Frank Caliendo IMPRESSIONS - YouTube
  14. t-noah

    Here’s How Much Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler Is Charging For Autographs

    Here’s How Much Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler Is Charging For Autographs ( If there is more room to hate OU, this is another reason. I've got nothing against NIL; it's going to need tweaking though (probably in a major way). Spencer Rattler doing this is just more irritating, especially...
  15. t-noah

    RB Eli Sanders, how good can he be?

    Can we start getting excited about Eli? How good do you think he will be? Will he see the field this season as a Freshman? Will he be the starting RB next year and who will be his main competition after Breece leaves? Chandler's Eli Sanders Goes In-Depth on Iowa State Commitment - Bing video Eli...
  16. t-noah

    Antivirus software creator John McAfee found dead

    Antivirus software creator John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison cell, authorities say / Twitter Well known American antivirus creator was in Spanish prison awaiting extradition to America on apparent tax evasion and fraud. RIP.
  17. t-noah

    Pics of your long hair since Covid...

    I'll get it started. Here I am, with absolutely no hair cuts since 4/2020! My beard REALLY took off! :p Edit: Moderators please Delete. Wrong thread section. My bad. (Edit 2: OK now)
  18. t-noah

    Similarities: Matt Campbell v Gary Pinkel...

    ...Both coached at Toledo. Both took head coaching jobs at B12 schools (Iowa State and Missouri respectively) and brought those schools to national prominence. Are there any other similarities in their backgrounds, coaching or otherwise? It seems coincidental, maybe anecdotal that they have...
  19. t-noah

    Your Hero(s) - Memorial Day Tribute

    Who is your Hero? I thought it would be nice to remember or honor those of us who have served, sacrificed, and for some - paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I would say one of my Heroes is my Uncle. He served in the Army Air Corps during WWII, flying B-17 command bomber pilot missions...
  20. t-noah

    Sand Art, including ISU!

    Anyone know the story behind this guy? Amazing sand art. I'd hate to drop or shake one of his creations! FallingInSand (@fallinginsand) / Twitter Iowa State Athletics (@CycloneATH) / Twitter Iowa State Athletics (@CycloneATH) / Twitter