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  1. tm3308

    Permission to come aboard?

    With no Iowa football in 2020 (at least not for now), I'm going all-in with ISU this fall. I don't think it's any big secret to the old timers around here that I've always pulled for ISU when they aren't playing Iowa, but between my current job as a photojournalist (constantly worked Saturdays...
  2. tm3308

    Favorite underrated actors

    This thought just hit me randomly. Does anyone else have any actors/actresses who, upon seeing that they are in a certain film/show, it immediately has your attention as one to seriously consider? Even though they aren't actors who people generally consider capable of carrying the film as the...
  3. tm3308

    Becoming a fan of a new team

    Not sure why this came to mind right now, but it's something I've wondered about. Has anyone else ever had trouble becoming a fan of a new team? I've been watching hockey since the 2010 Olympics, and in the NHL, the Blackhawks were the obvious choice to root for in Iowa City. But I wouldn't call...
  4. tm3308

    I've converted

    I just learned something about myself tonight. I've apparently crossed the line and become a full-blood Cyclone fan. How I realized this, you ask? I had the gall to suggest that Iowa State had the better football season and that, while Iowa is better than a Kempt-led ISU, the Cyclones would be...
  5. tm3308

    Outside the Lines - Tyler Sash

    Didn't see this posted. Definitely worth watching.
  6. tm3308

    Big Georges

    So what's going to happen to Big Georges? I've seen him once or twice during games this year and I've always loved it. One of the better student section bits in the country. But obviously it'd be much less relevant now that Niang is done at Hilton. There needs to be some way for CA to...
  7. tm3308

    ************SPOILER ALERT****************STAR WARS: TFA DISCUSSION

    ****SPOILER ALERT**** Figured I'd go ahead and make a thread for this. I'll be seeing it at midnight out at Coral Ridge and don't want to hold off on discussing it here once that's done. And if you come in here before seeing it, don't say you weren't warned.
  8. tm3308

    Oakley sunglasses

    So I just ordered a new pair of sunglasses from Oakley (Radars) and an extra lens. I have more than enough money to pay for them, but my bank account is showing a second charge to Oakley for an extra $120, and I can't figure out where that came from. I'm calling Oakley customer support in the...
  9. tm3308

    Iowa prep sets national record

    Wayne's (Corydon) Clayton Kiefer broke a national record in last night's game against Twin Cedars (Bussey), scoring 11 touchdowns (10 rushing, 1 KOR) in an 86-60 win. In case you couldn't tell by those numbers, it was an 8-man game. They played last night because of inclement weather that...
  10. tm3308

    Pleasant Valley girls track

    Just saw this today. Pleasant Valley was stripped of the Class 4A girls track title a few days ago due to the participation of an ineligible athlete who was involved in 38 team points at the state meet. The athlete (junior middle distance star Kaley Ciluffo) was discovered to have competed in...
  11. tm3308

    All-Time Starting 5 on a budget

    Saw this tweet through BHGP, which turned it around into an Iowa salary cap draft. It's actually pretty fun coming up with the different combos and then picking the one that's best. You get 15 bucks to pick a starting five, with five options at each position ranging from $5 to $1. For my money...
  12. tm3308


    The Register is live streaming the press conference, for those interested in watching.
  13. tm3308

    Question regarding DSM police

    Got what I was looking for. I'd appreciate it if any posts that quoted me were edited to remove the quotes. Thank you all.
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    That was one of the best basketball games I've seen in a very long time, and this game was EXACTLY the kind of showcase that both teams needed. I've said for a long time that I want both programs to be at their peak so that this rivalry really means something, and good God, did it ever live up...
  15. tm3308

    Income-based student loan repayment

    So my family and I are looking at getting me a new vehicle, because the 1990 Riviera that I'm driving is starting to wear down and I'll be driving a lot for work. The problem is that my student loans will kick in with about $324 monthly payments and I'm only making $22,000 at my current job, so...
  16. tm3308

    Lazard story in Sports Spotlight

    Hey all, Depending on where you live, you might already have access to the print magazine at your nearest Casey's. For those of you who don't, here is our online digital version (which also includes previews for every district in the state, in addition to what was in the print). My story on...
  17. tm3308

    Photo businesses

    Doe anyone know of any local photographers in different regions of the state that shoot high school sports? For those of you who don't know, I work at Sports Spotlight magazine in Des Moines now, and we have to rely a lot on contributed photos once we get out of the central metro area. We...
  18. tm3308

    Sports Spotlight football preview-Lazard

    For those of you who don't know (which I'm sure is just about all of you), I graduated from Iowa this spring and started working at Sports Spotlight magazine in Des Moines (formerly the Iowa Sports Connection). Just giving you guys a head's up to keep an eye out for the August (high school...
  19. tm3308

    MLB: Theo: FIX THE BULLPEN!!!!

    I know today's loss is more on Edwin Jackson's lousy pitching, but Carlos Marmol's THREE 8th inning walks just fired up my frustration with the Cubs' bullpen again. Chicago has three starters with ERA's under 3.00: Wood, Feldman, and Samardzija. Only three other teams in all of baseball can...
  20. tm3308

    Awesome piece in the DI

    This has nothing to do with sports, but we had a really awesome piece run in Monday's paper, and it's gotten a lot of national attention. It's been picked up by the Huffington Post, MSN, and several other news outlets. My baby, not my child - The Daily Iowan