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  1. Thompsonclone

    Minnesota beats ISU (secret scrimmage)

    Appears that Minnesota beat ISU in OT today 77-68. Tough shooting day from ISU and got outrebounded by 11.
  2. Thompsonclone

    Non-con schedule TV/Times

    Iowa State at Oregon State on Pac 12 Networks. How does one get that for just 1 game?
  3. Thompsonclone

    Cyclones fall to #23

    in the updated AP Poll. Seems like a harsh drop but I can’t really argue it when you get blown out at home to an unranked team. Iowa State is on the edge of going from potential Big 12 champion favorites to unranked in a span of 1 week. This is going to be a very crucial 2 weeks for Iowa...
  4. Thompsonclone

    Starting lineup/rotation discussion

    Most of you guys have probably seen me post on the men’s basketball forums or know me from Twitter but you might not know that I’m a season ticket holder for women’s basketball as well. I just don’t post as much on here so if it’s been discussed about already, apologies. What’s everyone guess...
  5. Thompsonclone

    LukeLu 2018 player photos

    Some good shots here of the squad from Luke Lu. (Jacobson, Lard and Babb not included). Can’t get over how much different Wigginton looks this year without the crazy hair.
  6. Thompsonclone

    New commitment?

    Tweet from coach Fen. Interesting.
  7. Thompsonclone

    New uniforms?

    Does anyone know if ISU is getting new uniforms this year? I saw something that leads me to believe they are. I think they are switching to the Nike style with thin shoulder straps.
  8. Thompsonclone

    **2017 Cap City Thread**

    Starting this so we have a place to discuss the games and so I can post my highlights/report who is playing. First game is tomorrow: As of now, these are the players I know that aren't playing tomorrow. -Lindell Wigginton (Not playing until after July 9th.) -Jeff Beverly (Says he's not...
  9. Thompsonclone

    *Official signees stats thread*

    Just wanted to start a thread where we can post updates and game stats for all of our recruits. Terrence Lewis starts off his season with a bang.
  10. Thompsonclone

    New gold uniforms?

    A few players just posted these on snapchat.
  11. Thompsonclone

    Buckley a JR or SR next year?

    I thought she was going to be a redshirt Junior after receiving the medical redshirt? This link has her listed as a senior.
  12. Thompsonclone

    **2016 Capital City League Thread**

    League starts up tonight! Thought this would be a good place to post thoughts and highlights. Games at 5:30, 6:45 and 8:00. I know for sure that Monte and Burton will be there. Bowie and Jakolby aren't playing tonight. Hoping everyone else that is in Ames does play. Specifically Solomon and...
  13. Thompsonclone

    Rothstein way too early top 25 (2016-17)

    I don't take this very seriously but still interesting to look at. Big 12 will defenitely be down next year. Unfortunately that could be good (potential for more wins) and bad (those wins might not be respected because of conference strength. Example: Ohio State this year.) He's only got 2 Big...
  14. Thompsonclone

    Cameron Lard Thread

    I know some in here doubt whether we will get the chance to see him play here but I decided to start a thread anyways. He's been this season due to a transfer rule. (I think). He just tweeted this and it sounds promising that he'll be playing soon. @ThatD1Boi I will be suiting on the 29th so...
  15. Thompsonclone

    Chattanooga beats Dayton

    I love it. Chattanooga is a pretty good team. Makes our win look a little better. I think the game was at Dayton.
  16. Thompsonclone

    Solomon Young Updates

    Through 3 games: -Solomon is averaging 14.3 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3.7 blocks per game. He's 2-7 from 3 so far. Coach Otz says he can step out and knock down a 3 so it'll be interesting to see how he does from there this year. He's 11-15 from the line. -Here's a short video from one of his...
  17. Thompsonclone

    Emmanuel Malou thread

    New thread for all things Emmanuel Malou. -Dropped 30 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in a 77-75 win tonight. Boxscore: -Game before this they lost big but Malou had 14 points, 14 rebounds and 6 blocks. Struggled a...
  18. Thompsonclone

    Everything Jakolby Long thread

    Instead of posting updates about the future Cyclone in the recruiting thread I decided to start a new thread where all the news/updates on Long can be posted at. His high school season started tonight. They travelled down to Arkansas to face Malik Monk. They are down by two with 2 minutes left...
  19. Thompsonclone

    Grayer's kid playing vs Oklahoma State

    Didn't know Grayer had a kid playing college basketball. Jaire Grayer and George Mason are currently on ESPNU playing against Oklahoma State. Grayer is #5 in green. He's a true freshman who has 10 points so far. -Wasn't sure what category to post this on.
  20. Thompsonclone

    Website help

    One of my first posts outside of basketball so I'm not quite sure where to post this. This has been an ongoing problem. How do I fix this? Makes the site almost unvisitable. I know I'm not the only one who has had this problem. Here's a picture of what I am talking about. (Ads not effecting the...