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  1. jcordova8

    Catching up with Gadson post Senior Nationals

    I didn’t add this in the story but Kyven shared the moments that kinda stuck with him over the years over negativity and just the way people hate on social. Thought it was still worth sharing.
  2. jcordova8

    Catching up with Gadson post Senior Nationals

    Here's my story following Gadson's weekend at Senior Nationals!
  3. jcordova8

    Interviews with Carr, Parker and Gadson

    I just wanted to drop by and let you guys know that I will be interviewing these guys! Wanted to give you guys the chance to let me know any pressing questions you guys have for the guys!
  4. jcordova8

    D-1 Council has voted in favor of giving additional year of eligibility to winter athletes

    Thought this nugget was worth dropping in here!
  5. jcordova8

    THT talks bubble experience

    I got a chance to run into this piece and read it this morning and wanted to share with you guys!
  6. jcordova8

    WIN Magazine preseason poll

    Here is your update for how the Cyclones ranked.
  7. jcordova8

    Ian Parker representing on the IFB Farm Strong Team

    What better guy!
  8. jcordova8

    Burning questions about football!

  9. jcordova8

    Burning questions about football!

    I can answer this for you because I spent 3 seasons working at the hotel and led all of the team meals ;)
  10. jcordova8

    Burning questions about football!

  11. jcordova8

    Burning questions about football!

    If you have any questions regarding the college football season and would like to see our hosts or special guests answer them...PLEASE drop your questions here! The guys will be answering fan questions TONIGHT during the virtual kickoff party! Get them in ASAP so you can be mentioned. Feel free...
  12. jcordova8

    Winter sports most likely moved to 2021

    Jamie Pollard sent out a new letter to fans this morning. He stated winter sports most likely being moved to start in January.
  13. jcordova8

    NCAA all-decade wrestling team

    Peep who made the list
  14. jcordova8

    Miklus finds new home

    Thank you!!
  15. jcordova8

    Miklus finds new home

    Here is the link to my latest feature on Willie and his big move to Michigan!
  16. jcordova8

    Willie Miklus to Michigan State profile

    here is the link to the actual story!
  17. jcordova8

    Willie Miklus to Michigan State profile

    Hello friends. LONG TIME NO TALK!!! I was able to catch up with Willie before he left for Michigan. It comes out tomorrow. But wanted to drop this tweet where I shared some quotes.
  18. jcordova8

    Miklus to Michigan State

    Here’s Willie tweet on it. Definitely sad! Very excited for him.
  19. jcordova8

    St. John Feature

    I attached the link above to the tweet where you can read the quote about his social media use!