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  1. theshadow

    Breece Hall #4 in NCAA rushing yardage

    That's also a fanbase that said Sedrick Shaw was miles ahead of Troy Davis.
  2. theshadow

    Baylor Game: 6:00 PM on FS1

    Weird? That's up to you. But it's not a rare thing, especially later in the season. 2019 at KSU 2018 vs KSU 2018 vs WVU 2015 vs UT 2013 vs KU
  3. theshadow

    Tamin Lipsey recruiting thread

    There was also no point in him playing. They weren't going to be competitive with Southeast Polk no matter what.
  4. theshadow

    Winter Weather- 10/25 - 10/26

    I loathe cold rain, but I'm glad the 1"+ of precip yesterday was in rain form instead of 6-8" of snow.
  5. theshadow

    2020 Big 12 Championship Game Computer Projection

    Used to be you knew exactly how the game was going to be called based on the amount of drawl in the ref's voice.
  6. theshadow

    WBB: Misc thread, polls, opponents games, regional stuff

    Every Big 12 school except Oklahoma and Texas are now under the ESPN+ umbrella for Tier 3 events.
  7. theshadow

    2020 uniform thread

  8. theshadow

    That “Modern Era” Thing

    As someone who sat through ~90% of those home games, I don't see how the Dark Ages of Football (1983-94) could be construed as "modern" -- that period was the very antithesis of "modern," from top to bottom. No support from the Regents. No support from the university administration (which in...
  9. theshadow

    10/24 ISU at OSU confirmed 2:30 kickoff on Fox

    "2:30" is really more like 2:40. If it appears that the first game could run long, they'll push the start back another 5 minutes. That decision would normally be made around 1:00 or 1:15. If it gets to the point where the game has to start on a different channel, you'd better find out where Fox...
  10. theshadow

    WVU vs KU

    KSU - 83, 85, 88 KU - 86, 87, 89 MU - 86, 88, 89, 91 OSU - 89 OU - 90
  11. theshadow

    WVU vs KU

    Throw in the tie at OSU in 1994, and it's even worse. No road wins period from Nov 1991 (Missouri) to Sep 1998 (Iowa). [0-30-1] No road wins in conference from Nov 1991 (Missouri) to Oct 1999 (Missouri). [0-27-1]
  12. theshadow

    Will McDonald IV – Iowa State

    It's amazing how everyone just forgets Cephus Johnson. He was the starter in that spot for the last 7 games of the season, but didn't get to make hay against non-conference teams like Moorehead did (3/4 of his TFL and 1/2 his sacks were in the first 3 games).
  13. theshadow

    Fresno State Cutting Wrestling

    Losing Fresno drops the Big 12 back to 11. Losing Stanford drops the Pac-12 back to 5. The P-12 will have to get a waiver from the NCAA (like the Big 12 did for so many years) to have their conference meet be a national qualifier. Cal Baptist is in the midst of reclassifying to D-I, and I...
  14. theshadow

    Things have actually been nice not playing Iowa this year..

    I don't miss the schools, but I do miss the drivable road trips that could be made on a whim.
  15. theshadow

    Breece Hall for Heisman

    His last 12 games (i.e., 1 full season): 1,344 rushing yards; 5.15 ypc; 112.0 ypg; 17 rush TD 294 receiving yards; 1 rec TD That's a pretty good "season" by any measure.
  16. theshadow

    No Season Tickets 2020/2021

    Zero. It's all ESPN+ now (a different subscription service).
  17. theshadow

    Winter Sports Athletes Extra Year of Eligibility

    The policy for fall sports is that 2020 seniors can come back for 2021 and not count against the limit. Underclassmen will. It's presumed that the same method will apply for winter sports -- 2020-21 seniors wouldn't count against 2021-22 limit, but everyone else would.
  18. theshadow

    Breece Hall for Heisman

    Unless there's a good RB in Texas who has a 0.0 GPA.
  19. theshadow

    Breece Hall for Heisman

    6-5 would have been a bigger help than 2-9.
  20. theshadow

    2020 uniform thread

    Who gives a **** about Nebraska uniforms? This is an Iowa State uniform thread.