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    On That Note: In the Year '95 (at 25)

    God damn, 1995 had some good songs.
  2. L

    Next James Bond after Daniel Craig?

    I read online about the next guy who is supposedly a shoe in. I had never heard of him, he has never been in anything big. I think its James Norton.
  3. L

    Irish court rules Subway bread can't be legally defined as bread

    Isn't it Ireland that hosts all the corporations to evade taxes there? I think its called a "double Irish." Ironic them deciding on taxing subway sandwiches. EDIT: Per wikipedia The Double Irish was a base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) corporate tax tool used mostly by US...
  4. L

    Looking for advice-what to see and do in Ames and at ISU

    Go disc golfing. Theres a cool course in Ames. Go see Reiman gardens. If you can go walk through some of the buildings and see the art/architecture on campus or the Atanassoff Berry Computer
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    Klieman & KState are going to be a problem, aren't they?

    Can we start some Kleiman to Ohio State rumors?
  6. L

    Crazy what a win does for my optimism...

    When you are getting optimistic, just remember that duck that got intercepted. That should take care of it lol
  7. L

    Company changed my duties at work. Unhappy and wondering what to do.

    Economy is improving. I have been furloughed the past 6 months and just got recalled today. I shot out some resumes the past couple weeks and had about 5 or 6 different companies call me for interviews. Not sure its like that across the whole country though.
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    Mods could do a better job with threads/posters

    Because people become disenfranchised(is that the word I am looking for) with what CF really is...a fan site for Iowa State.
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    Mods could do a better job with threads/posters

    I would say put a bullet in the cave. There are plenty of other sources to have political "conversations" online. Especially when posts can't be civil nor well moderated. I am way more interested in ISU and sports than politics so I have opted out. Much like the real world, you can't be...
  10. L

    More and more it feels like K-State/OU won't happen ...

    Ill be sad if I cant see OU beat the everloving crap out of KSU
  11. L

    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    Both Biden and Trump are running ads in Ohio blaming the other on no football there. People are definitely playing politics with it, no question about it.
  12. L

    So where do we stand now on the OL?

    I demand blood vs TCU. These guys should be pissed.
  13. L

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Just wanted to post my reaction to the game.
  14. L

    PODCAST: Jamie Pollard on the last 14 days

    If Pollard goes, so do my donations. He has pulled Iowa State out of athletics obscurity.
  15. L

    Timmy B lovin' on them Clones ...

    If Iowa State could steal a couple REALLY good 300+ lb O linemen who were about juniors, I could believe it. Still trying to shake that ND beatdown..
  16. L

    Do you like Sweet Caroline as a tradition/song?

    Chill man, some of us need to something to talk about til game time hahaha.
  17. L

    Do you like Sweet Caroline as a tradition/song?

    Vote. Other schools/sports examples here.