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    What TV show are you streaming right now?

    Agree on The Good Place. I think that's the last series that my family watched the 'old fashioned' way waiting for a new episode every week.
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    How Do You Express Time

    I'm old too, but don't get why the older generations get so bent out of shape about this. You take notes on your computer, tablet or phone these days and you don't type in cursive. What is the need for cursive anymore? Really what was the need before?
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    Friday OT #2 - There I Am, Up On the Stage

    Man, it's hard to remember it's been a while. I think it was GnR on their 'Not in this Lifetime' tour a few years ago, pretty recently after they got back together. Believe it or not, they were way better than in the 80's/90s when I saw them. Played for 3.5 hours straight. We kicked around...
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    Top Lyricists of all time

    This from the same folks that brought you 'Love in an Elevator'.
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    What do you miss/appreciate about Iowa?

    Been in NJ about 17 years now after first 33 in IA. Have also traveled for work a ton, so have done several month long stints in many different locations. Food: IA: Casey's pizza (taco pizza in general), Maid-rites, Breaded pork tenderloin Family: Well, some of them. Weather: Thunderstorms...
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    Are unscheduled phone calls rude?

    This is entirely dependent on the relationship, isn't it? * Friend/family - no, not rude to call unscheduled. Can be a nice surprise. * Workplace (external/customer) - Yes, absolutely rude (but sometimes necessary, unfortunately) * Workplace (internal) - Kind of rude, but IM/Teams has made...
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    Planning to be a grandparent

    All good advice here. I'd throw one bit of caution to try and avoid what we've been hit with. We find managing the parents (our daughter and husband) much more difficult than the grandkids. They act like they are the worlds greatest parents to the outside world, but they rely on us for...
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    Recruits & Transfers

    They looked really good at the Junior National Duals from what little I watched, though since Team Iowa rolled everyone, maybe the competition wasn't as good as one would think.
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    Junior National Duals

    No idea, but that is a pretty stacked lineup. Also keep in mind this is just the pool. Assuming Wisconsin, Ohio/Oklahoma and Minnesota will provide a test once they get out of the Pools.
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    28 years ago today....where were you?

    It was Houston vs. somebody in the NBA finals. I was a big Olajuwan fan and remember being annoyed that the game was being interrupted.
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    Friday OT #1 - I Eat That **** on Everything

    Lawry's is for potatoes (hash browns, tater tots, etc.). Not so much french fries...that's Old Bay territory.
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    Next Year’s Lineup

    Ahhh...reading it again I see that the 5 attached is not limited to 1st semester, so I guess I can kind of see this logic. That way they could use a RS wrestler in a 2nd semester dual if needed to fill in. I agree, overall I like it, but it still feels there are some bugs to work out. It...
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    Next Year’s Lineup

    I see this used as more of a 'fill in' for injured wrestlers. Of course, with the exception of the weird open tournaments rule. If they are the better wrestler for the weight, they should be completing 2nd semester. No reason to keep the redshirt in this day and age.
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    Next Year’s Lineup

    That's how I read it which seems kinda weird. Most of the open tournaments are 1st semester. So they must use one of their 5 allocations to wrestle in most open tournaments. I don't understand the reasoning for not allowing unattached in the 1st semester.
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    New MLB Rule

    There is not such a rule. I've seen 4 OF this year...I believe against Yordan Alvarez. I also thought the shift was dumb when everyone first started doing it, but obviously hitters haven't adjusted...that's on them. Of the 3 suggestions the only one I'd consider would be the extra innings...
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    Pick one - Kickers

    Holy cow. I voted for Yelk before I saw these numbers. Had no idea he was that bad. Didn't he punt well for us his last couple years? Maybe that is skewing my memories?
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    George Carlin's American Dream documentary

    I stumbled across one of his specials on Amazon last night and the opening skit was about airline security being too strict and nothing would really happen to worry about. Obviously, this was pre-911 and didn't age well. Same with the environmental stuff. That said, everything needs examined...
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    Friday OT: A game to remember

    We hadn't beaten the Hawks for 15 years, so I decided to go into work and catch up on some things. This was at Principal, so we're talking big building and only me and one other guy there who was several levels above me as I was just starting out. We started chatting and got some calls that...
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    Our screwed-up heath care system

    I hope this was sarcasm.
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    Enaruna makes it official, hits the portal

    I was just coming here to ask this. Seems I remember when the transfer portal first started it was to allow players to transfer ONE TIME without penalty. Did that rule go by the wayside, or do they hand out waivers like candy? Because it sure seems like players are using it more than once and...