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    2 Tix tonight

    2 tix tonight section 314, row 6. $350 for pair. Must have TicketMaster to transfer.
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    Mobile Tix ?

    I am pretty sure the answer is no, but thought I would post just in case. I bought tix for the South Dakota St game and due to weather I have them for Drake. We can’t make it. I get the text message alerts,l bout extra tickets being released, which is how I purchased these. I’m pretty sure I...
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    Jamal Morris

    Not sure how to post an image but 4-star safety out of TX has us in his top 6. From his Twitter.
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    Would you rather...

    1) ...continue to play the "bend but don't break" defense and still get beat over the top, but if if were working correctly, give up 8-10 yard plays down the field, OR 2) press coverage and take chances on getting burned deep but blitz more and with more variety? To me, it has to be...
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    Reaction Post-Toledo

    Curious how everyone will react to the game this weekend given the following scenarios: A) We lose to Toledo but are competitive - "I'm happy with being competitive" or "We should never lose to a MAC or mid-major team". B) Beat Toledo by 1-7 points - "I"m happy with the win" or "We should beat...
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    George Secures Spot with Jets

    Lost amidst all the meltdowns here is the fact that Jeremiah George made the Jets 53-man roster. Lenz, Broomfield and Bykowski all made practice squads.
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    Ejim and Long

    These guys were at the Drake-Wichita St game last night...just in case anybody is interested. They shook a lot of hands and talked to a lot of people after the game. Cool they made it down to watch the #5 team in the country and took time to talk to kids and shake hands afterwards.
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    Colgate Freshman Ineligible - NCAA, R U SERIOUS?

    The NCAA's hypocrisy at its finest. Feel bad for this kid. He attends a prestigious college and gets slapped with a year's suspension. Meanwhile the "big boys" get by.Nathan Harries of Colgate Raiders denied year of eligibility for playing in church league - ESPN
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    *^% damn Peiople

    Some of you need a serious dose of reality or a life. Since our struggles, I've read about firing Rhoads, firing the entire staff, everything from questioning Pollard to firing Pollard, calling out players, etc...the list goes on and on. I swear some of the fan base on here has not a clue...
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    Rewind back to the beginning of the year

    I remember coming on here after the UNI loss and reading a thread that started with someone's wife ran into one of the coach's wives at a grocery store on Sunday morning. The poster went onto say that the coaching staff was surprised by the loss and that they were not going to make a big deal...
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    Memo to Alford

    Do something different on defense dude! Harvard is kicking your sorry ***** because you refuse to do anything different! Then you go away from the inside game that has been working and getting buckets at will. Instead you hope to get off a 3 and you have 2 consecutive turnovers. How this guy...
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    All this talk about ISU hoops, how about your all time coach?

    Orr Floyd Eustachy Morgan McDermott Hoiberg Who would you take? Orr put us on the map, HOiberg has done great but only been on the job for 2 years. Eustachy and Floyd can coach their ***** off. For my money, give me Floyd. Dude coached all 40 minutes of every game. I remember him f'ing...
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    Basketball HOF

    Just returned from a family vacation to upstate NY and took a day to go to Springfield, MA to visit the Basketball Hall of Fame. If you are a basketball fan and are ever in the area, you gotta make the trip there. A lot of history of the game going back to Nasismith days, including info on...