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  1. State43

    Matt Leinart thought USC was hiring CMC

    I thought this was interesting. I would assume he would have some connections inside the USC program so I wonder if there was some back and forth going on.
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    Is everyone sleeping on Purple Kansas?

    I hear very little hype around them despite the fact they were a tough team last season before injuries and COVID collapsed their season. Looking at the schedule, I see KSU as ISU’s 3rd or 4th toughest game this season. Thoughts?
  3. State43

    ISU custom shoes

    Any idea if they plan to release any ISU special edition sneakers anytime soon? As a bit of a sneaker guy, I see NU got their own ultraboost and many other B12 schools (WVU, OSU) have special edition Nike Pegasus. Would love to see like a Nike React or something with an ISU inspired color way...
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    Should we be concerned about the DL?

    With Bailey entering the transfer portal now, why are multiple players who could likely be primary players next season leaving?
  5. State43

    Star Wars Episode 4 Fight Reimagined

    This is a bit older but what they did with the fight scene would have been amazing if they had the technology when it was made.
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    anyone else watching the nonstop ACC ballwashing on ESPN. Good god...
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    Favorite song the year you were born

    bored so figured I would make a time wasting thread. Journey - Don’t stop believing
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    Help me understand

    2 things simply don't make sense to me right now. 1. How is Shayok not in the top 20 for the wooden award? He is the leading scorer in the B12 which is projecting 7-8/10 teams in the NCAA tournament right now. Every game is a grind and he keeps proving it every week. 2. Why is Gonzaga ranked...
  9. State43

    Oklahoma Basketball

    For those that have had a chance to watch them this year, what is your thoughts? How did they lose by 30 at home to Baylor? Has Baylor turned a corner and stepped up their game significantly or has the bottom dropped out of OU?
  10. State43

    Klatt on the playoff committee

    Hard to disagree with him on this.
  11. State43

    No One Wants A Piece of ISU - ESPN Article

    Sorry if this was double posted.
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    Game Watch in Omaha NE

    Anyone know if a bar will be showing this game anywhere here?
  13. State43

    Iowa is trending....

  14. State43

    Adidas Ultraboost

    anyone know a place where you can get these for a reasonable price? I googled around but didn’t find any luck. These are the most comfortable shoes I ever tried on.
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    Arnold Park - Activities

    I am taking the family up to Arnold Park in August for 4 days for the first time. I have not been up there before, what are some recommendations for things you did? Places to eat? Anything is welcome. I have twin 6 year old girls so family friendly stuff.
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    how I never seen anything on this before today is surprising but I am definitely in.
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    Matt Lauer Fired

    Another one bites the dust.
  18. State43

    Jack Trice Story on Theundefeated Pretty much all of us know the story but still a lot of good details in here.
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    Jon Jones test positive for steroids
  20. State43

    The Defenders

    dropped today on Netflix. FIgure it can use its own thread. 3 episodes in and good so far.