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    VW Jetta GL

    I guess I am not the only one that didn't know that Ford and Mazda made vehicles together. Smitty - good luck with the new ride.
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    2009-2010 Starting Line up?

    This won't happen. Shooting guards need to be able to shoot. DG can't.
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    Kelsey Bolte

    Hopefully doesn't do any shotting in front of the home fans, that would be embarrassing. I wouldn't mind if she took a big shotting center court at KU.
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    Camry Owners Please

    This is with Ethanol...
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    Camry Owners Please

    2007 Camry 4 cylinder gets 25 - 28 city and as high as 36 highway.
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    Tire recommendation needed

    Big O tires are made by Cooper now and are fairly inexpensive.
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    Tire recommendation needed

    Have to replace all four tires on my Camry. The Bridgestones that it came with were worthless. Any recommendations for a reasonable tire for Iowa weather?
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    No Alcohol Problem with Hawks

    High school kids like to party and drink. Maybe this is helping recruiting because they aren't worried if they get caught a couple times.
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    I tried one last time

    It is forest and trees for you.
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    I tried one last time

    I flipped over to Deace and Miller for a minute this morning, hoping to hear something other than the same old Hawkeye homer crap. I was wrong. Jon was his usual self - condescending to ISU and uppity when talking about the hawks. I would rather listen to static.
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    New Construction Homes

    We don't want anymore people in Ankeny. Please stay away.
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    Looking to purchase cornhole/bags

    What is a cornhole in this context?
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    John Meyer leaving KCCI for affiliate in Pittsburgh

    Maybe he wanted to be closer to Cael...
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    Principal Pension

    On the news tonight...
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    Principal Pension

    Principal freezing DB plan for Global Investment company. Thought I would get it out here so that everyone can rip on them while I am out of town this weekend.
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    wbb elite camp,should be interesting!!

    We are a decent size dog these days.
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    Got picture but no sound...

    Did you turn up the volume?
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    Why I hate Apple stores

    Have you actually turned it on yet?