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    Iowa State Fair - Yay or Nay

    I’m not sure that you went to the fair… or you were in the Hog Barn lol
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    Iowa State Fair - Yay or Nay

    In Omaha so not that far. I think it’s great for the kids for one. You can go to the Iowa State Fair and at the end of the day have learned something new.
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    Iowa State Fair - Yay or Nay

    There’s some positives. Eye Candy everywhere so wear shades! Great food!! Turkey legs! Great beer garden with a lot of variety! Good music and bands. Kids love it and will sleep in the next day.
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    Beni Ngoyi commits to Iowa State

    Fun stealing them out of Lincoln
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    With Dekkers under helm…

    What changes to Manning’s playbook do you think happened once all these new faces were inserted to #1 on the depth chart? I’d imagine we will see more down the field plays with Dekkers. He has a few weapons that I think will expand the playbook. Only request is a qb sneak play instead a...
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    Favorite bad movie

    Nothing But Trouble is one of my favorites but has low ratings.
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    Track Recruiting

    I still feel sick thinking of track practice. That was 23 years ago.
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    Wrestling Attendance

    When is the wrastlin schedule out?
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    TJ - the Right Guy for These Times

    Very nice piece. I’m not sure how TJ does it because my anxiety trips thinking about his hurdles that he has to leap.
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    AC replacement

    Man… my full systems with a heat pump is $8900.00. Des Moines companies are raking it in
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    AC replacement

    For just an AC?!
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    AC replacement

    I own my own hvac business in council bluffs. If you have any questions shoot me a message. If you’re paying over 10K, highly recommend you keep searching.
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    Dead Bird in Toilet Bowl

    Have a cat by chance?