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    Tire recommendation needed

    Have to replace all four tires on my Camry. The Bridgestones that it came with were worthless. Any recommendations for a reasonable tire for Iowa weather?
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    I tried one last time

    I flipped over to Deace and Miller for a minute this morning, hoping to hear something other than the same old Hawkeye homer crap. I was wrong. Jon was his usual self - condescending to ISU and uppity when talking about the hawks. I would rather listen to static.
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    Principal Pension

    Principal freezing DB plan for Global Investment company. Thought I would get it out here so that everyone can rip on them while I am out of town this weekend.
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    Mediacom Question

    This is a probably a stupid question, but I will ask anyway since I don't know the answer... I have the Mediacom Family Package which is channels in the 2 - 78 range. Mediacom just rearranged their channels and added more HD channels. 1. Do I need a different package to get the HD ones? 2...
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    Weber Grill or Smoker?

    I am getting a charcoal grill soon. Going old school after 20 years of gas grilling. Leaning towards a Weber over a horizontal smoker that I could use as a grill as well. Any opinions about the Weber 22.5 Gold vs Silver models other than price? Any one smoke meat in their Weber?
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    Lucca Update?

    I thought he said the answer would come this week. Plus, I haven't started a worthless thread for a while.
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    Lucca, Booz and Lee

    According to the Rag, all three could be gone. I guess they don't want to see what this team could do with Craig back. Hopefuly this doesn't change his mind on staying.
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    Miller and Deace in the morning

    from 6-8 replacing Cotlar. Just another reason to never turn to KXNO.
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    Coach Rhoads

    for the last frickin time, can everyone take out a sheet of paper and write this 100 times? Stop the stupidity now!!! RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS RHOADS...
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    Cotlar and Marty

    both got suspended for the f bomb incident. Big fines could be coming their way.
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    The Rag - WBB

    How typical. The picture in the Rag is the loser EIU Squawkers when it should have been ISU.
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    The Rag

    How typical. The picture in the Rag is the loser EIU Squawkers when it should have been ISU.
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    ISU - Baylor broadcast

    Three things annoyed me while watching the game other than losing: 1. Announcers that don't do their homework and get the names right. Yeah, I know there players with first and last names of Allison, but they were bad. 2. The announcers were so pro Baylor it wasn't even funny. 3. Did they...
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    Best salad, when and where?

    I like the buffalo chicken salad at Chili's.
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    Worst Sandwich

    when and where?
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    The bachelor

    So Jason dumps Melissa supposedly on national TV. I have never seen such bad acting. I did like that she called him a bastard. Mollie is stupid to go back to a jerk like Jason. Did she not think that she is just sloppy seconds and in a couple months he will just say things have "changed"? I...
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    B12 Standing

    Looks like if we win out there is a good chance we can tie for 3rd.
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    Channel 5 mentioned two more hires

    Lil Wally Burnham (Shane) as a defensive coach and a TE Coach named Courtney Messingham from MO State.
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    I have been a slacker lately

    so here is my who is the DC going to be thread.
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    Give GMac a contract extension

    he earned it last night. Have to sy something positive to all you moaning negative posters...