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  1. Aclone

    Kayden FIsh

    TJ lands a big Fish! (Can’t believe nobody got that one yet)
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    Hunter Dekkers Concerns?

    Either that, or we won’t. Everything I’ve been hearing and reading, Hunter Dekkers doesn’t just have the physical talent.
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    Hunter Dekkers Concerns?

    I’m not sure it’s going to be Wilson and Shaw. Maybe Wilson and Stanley. Or Stanley and Noel. Or Stanley and Gaines. Or….
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    2023 Football Targets (Offer List in OP +3)

    It’s more like, if I were looking to buy one of four cars, and all four were great cars…but one MIGHT have a transmission problem, I’d wait until my mechanic told me whether it actually did or not before making my decision.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

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    Rasheed Interview

    Dom Orange DOWN from “about” 380 to 350!
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    Scheelhaase Interview

    I just heard Coach Scheelhaase say things about Greg Gaines that the coaches never, ever said about Joe Scates.
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    Jared’s RB Room Article

    I was literally just thinking how this competition mirrored 2019.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

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    2023 Football Targets (Offer List in OP +3)

    I said nothing of the sort.
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    USA Today Preseason Coaches Poll (8/8)

    Thank you.
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    2023 Football Targets (Offer List in OP +3)

    Both kids are considering PAC schools among their final choices. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they’re waiting to see how that conference shakes out in realignment before proceeding with their decisions. Do you really want to play at Oregon or Washington if their future conference...
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    Williams & Blum Pod: Blood out west, Tyrese Hunter's tweet and more

    The “ISU luck” is now hiring coaches like Matt and TJ, having successful postseasons and bringing in top recruits. I don’t see what playing Texas as a break game has to do with that.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

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    Athlon - Big 12 Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2022

    Let’s think this through, shall we? A. At no point does Athlon ever say these are HEAD coaches. At the same time… B. Chris Williams does the ISU team column for the magazine. So it occurs to me that IF one of those coaches quoted is indeed a current ISU coach, the odds seem fairly good that...
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

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    ***2022 Minnesota Vikings***

    Seems the coaches are comparing Darrisaw to a young Trent Williams. Given that I’ve seen some all time greats in Vikings uniforms over the decades, I won’t quibble.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Yes, 206 from 235.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Or, 6 to 12.
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    How many wins in 2022?

    You don’t take constructive suggestions well, do you?