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  1. Aclone

    Rasheed Interview

    Dom Orange DOWN from “about” 380 to 350!
  2. Aclone

    Scheelhaase Interview

    I just heard Coach Scheelhaase say things about Greg Gaines that the coaches never, ever said about Joe Scates.
  3. Aclone

    Jared’s RB Room Article

    I was literally just thinking how this competition mirrored 2019.
  4. Aclone

    Updated Roster Heights and Weights

    Not sure I’m buying that Chambers shrunk from 6’3” to 5’10”.
  5. Aclone

    Football Preview Series Thread?

    Okay, I admit that I’m blind, but what happened to the Football Preview Series thread? I thought it was pinned. Am I just missing it, or did it get closed or archived or moved to Premium or something? I was going to comment on the new segment...
  6. Aclone

    Brandon Henderson Commits
  7. Aclone

    Musing on the Future

    Huh. Hunter Dekkers, cannon arm. Rocco Becht, rocket arm. Rocket Rocco. JJ Kohl, monster arm. Hmm… Serious question. Are we about to become a quarterback factory?
  8. Aclone

    Samuel Same Commits!

    Long, athletic basketball player type. Will probably need a little time to add muscle.
  9. Aclone

    Abu Sama Commits!

    As predicted! Recruited as a corner.
  10. Aclone

    TaShawn James Commits

    Safety/Cornerback from Oklahoma City.
  11. Aclone

    Jared’s Mailbag 6/23

    Not sure if posted elsewhere. His response about the cornerback room was most intriguing to me.
  12. Aclone

    Connor’s Funto Article

    Great article, but I noticed two little omissions. First, no mention of what position he was recruited to play—though maybe he’s raw enough that’s “wait and see”. Second…no explanation of how to pronounce his name. Pretty please, Connor...
  13. Aclone

    Akinshilo Commits

    Immediately eligible JC transfer, 4 to play 3.
  14. Aclone

    Track Recruiting

    I admit, it’s been a (very) long time since I followed track recruiting. But these are some really impressive times.
  15. Aclone

    Recruiting vs NFL Draft Success

    It took me a while to catch on to this, in part because it took so long to come together. It’s a truism in college football that new head coaches’ first recruiting classes are a modest hodgepodge of hastily put together talent. Grabbing the best you can come up with at the last moment—see...
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    Jared’s Article On Safety Room

    Jared, I think you skipped Trevon Howard—already on campus for Spring ball.
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    CW’s Two Deep

  18. Aclone

    Classic ISU Song Dedication

    Listening to Casey Kasem’s American Top Forty from this week in 1980 on KIOA. The current “Long Distance Dedication” is from a guy who had just finished his PhD “in Ames, Iowa”, and was about to leave for his first job as a college professor. It was to his wife. The song was Wildflower, by...
  19. Aclone

    Farrell Article on CMC, ISU and RB’s
  20. Aclone

    Way Too Early Cyclone 2023 Draft Prospects

    I found this list (below) that at least had Will McDonald on it at #44, so I thought I’d make my own of the ‘22 seniors who might have a shot at the NFL a year from now. Not going to take a WAG at possible early entry underclassmen. Will McDonald *Top three rounds—especially if he can put on...