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  1. CycloneRulzzz

    NFL: ***2022 NFL Season Thread***

    Saw this on tiktok, what a great moment that Diggs gave this young kid.
  2. CycloneRulzzz

    Welch Ave bathroom question

    I can't wait for football season to get here.
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    Random Thoughts 16: “Somebody had to do it” edition

    Anyone else getting logged out of CF? Earlier this morning it happened on my desktop and just now on my phone.
  4. CycloneRulzzz

    CW POD: Is pro wrestling fun again?

    Karrion Kross and Scarlett back in wwe and not as the stupid gimmick he had on the main roster when he left but the gimmick he had in nxt that was bad ***
  5. CycloneRulzzz

    Survivor 41

    It was crazy that he was lapping people while having to drag his partner. Loved Leo having to climb down the net and Sarah then does a back flip in the water.
  6. CycloneRulzzz

    Survivor 41

    Last night was great. Don't **** with Sarah
  7. CycloneRulzzz

    Misc: The Challenge USA on CBS

    This gets better every week. Don't **** with Survivor Sarah!
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    Public Bathroom Etiquette

    I was at a wedding reception where the doors to both stalls in the men's room didn't lock. That another no go situation if I can help it.
  9. CycloneRulzzz

    Public Bathroom Etiquette

    I wait until the coast is clear. Now here is an question, what places do you try to avoid going number 2 unless it's an unavoidable? I will obviously go at home and in public but I try at all costs not to have to go at a friend's house or other family houses.
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    Iowa State Fair - Yay or Nay

    I usually only go anymore if there is a must see Grandstand act.
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    On That Note: A Fifth of OTN

  12. CycloneRulzzz

    On That Note: A Fifth of OTN

    It's crazy that 5 years has come and gone. While I haven't been a part of the show from the beginning it seems like my first hosting gig was yesterday. I came on around 7 months in. I was just a recent follower of the series and had an idea for topic (like many of you have sent us and we...
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    Bowl Projections

    Plus Guaranteed rate is former insight bowl where we have a 2-0 record in that bowl. :)
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    CW POD: Is pro wrestling fun again?

    The damndest thing I've in wrestling in a long time. If this is it for Reigns Lesnar this is how you go out.
  15. CycloneRulzzz

    CW POD: Is pro wrestling fun again?

    Agree. The women's division is hopefully going to be taken seriously and not made out to be a joke.
  16. CycloneRulzzz

    Metinka Slater leaving KCCI?

    I wonder how long before I won't recognize anyone on kcci. As it stands I think I can currently count the number I know well on 2 hands.
  17. CycloneRulzzz

    2022 NBA offseason

    Warriors can find someone to do what Dray does for much cheaper.
  18. CycloneRulzzz

    Misc: The Challenge USA on CBS

    The laughing by the host in this challenge is creepy AF.
  19. CycloneRulzzz

    Big Brother Discussion Thread

    Her hosting in that hoh was brutal. Every "festie bestie" remark had me searching for something sharp.
  20. CycloneRulzzz

    Omaha Biliew Commits to Iowa State!

    Like I was telling my buddy today when we can get a TJ team that can equally score as well as we defend that will be a amazing sight to behold.