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  1. Cycsk

    FS: Front Row SW corner upper deck football tickets

    We have extra single game tickets for most games in the “best cheap seats” in the stadium. Front row of the SE corner upper deck. A true front row (with nothing in front of you but the ribbon board to bang on). Faces straight on to the field (no neck craning), but with good views of both video...
  2. Cycsk

    Incredible Fireworks Show at Iowa Speedway on Friday

    I went to the Pyrotechnics Guild International fireworks show in Newton last night. It was amazing. Best fireworks I've ever seen. Bigger, higher, brighter, louder, more sophisticated, and better orchestrated! The last show is Friday. $20 was a great value. Essentially, it is a bunch of...
  3. Cycsk

    Cyclone Fanatic Road Show

    Thought I would start a thread for discussion about the Cyclone Fanatic Road Show. Can't wait.
  4. Cycsk

    Iowa Speedway IndyCar Weekend

    @Connor_Ferguson OK, Connor, I listened to you on "Emory Plus One" and you sold me on going to Iowa Speedway this weekend. However, I need help from you and/or others in the know. 1. If I can only go to one race, which one should it be? 2. What are the differences between the various...
  5. Cycsk

    Going to see Bridget Carleton on July 22nd?

    I've been wanting to go to a Minnesota Lynx game to see Bridget Carleton and cheer our Cyclone in the WNBA. Looks like I may be able to do it on July 22nd. Anybody else interested?
  6. Cycsk

    Athlon College Football Preview

    Found it in Ames at Books-a-Million. [The HyVees in Ames got rid of their big magazine racks. Only little checkout lane racks now. No Athlon there.]
  7. Cycsk

    Bridget Carleton on ESPN now

    Minnesota Lynx v. Seattle Storm on ESPN now (8pm CT). Bridget played 35 minutes in her last game.
  8. Cycsk

    Tips for Visiting Chicago

    In 2016, I used the time driving back from Denver (through Nebraska) to write my thoughts from 20+ years in Chicago. I don't claim that it was up-to-date even back in 2016 and I've only made slight revisions, but hopefully there will be something to help those of you going to Chicago (I'm going...
  9. Cycsk

    FS: WBB Friday night NCAA's

    We bought 8, but have 2 extras for tonight. Section 110 Row 16 (seats near the aisle with 111). $20 each. Reply or send a PM with your phone number to arrange the transfer.
  10. Cycsk

    Which state has the most teams in the Women's NCAA BB tournament?

    Guess which state has the most teams in the Women's NCAA BB tournament? Don't count them or look them up. Just make a guess based on your gut after completing your brackets.
  11. Cycsk

    Which State has the most teams in the Men's NCAA BB tournament?

    Guess which state has the most teams in the Men's NCAA BB tournament? Don't count them or look them up. Just make a guess based on your gut after completing your brackets.
  12. Cycsk

    Mississippi River Distilling expands to Davenport

    As a CF sponsor, I thought this announcement deserved some attention on the forums: BIG NEWS! WE'RE EXPANDING TO DAVENPORT Mississippi River Distilling Company in LeClaire is purchasing the Artisan Grain Distillery and will be locating a new cocktail house and production facility there...
  13. Cycsk

    FS: SOLD Tickets for Big 12 MBB Thursday night

    A buddy just texted me that he has 2 extra tickets for Thursday night in KC. Section 205 Row 2. Purchased directly from the Sprint/T-Mobile Center. $20 each.
  14. Cycsk

    ISU WBB and NBA Rules

    The Williams & Blum had a very interesting proposition. "If the ISU women were playing by NBA rules (about fouling), they would be a Final Four team." I thought this deserved some discussion.
  15. Cycsk

    FS: [SOLD] OU MBB tickets

    We have a pair of tickets in the front row of a balcony corner section. $50 total. Parking pass available to pick up in West Ames. SOLD
  16. Cycsk

    FS: MBB Kansas State tickets

    We are going to the Nick Bassett game-watch fundraiser at Lucky Horse on Saturday rather than attend in person. Balcony corner seats. Two in Row 1 for $60 total. Two in Row 3 (different section) for $40 total. Parking pass included with the first pair purchased.
  17. Cycsk

    Why I really like Izaiah Brockington

    On the Williams & Blum podcast, they wondered why Brockington's t-shirt was not selling as well as others from the CF Shop So I ordered one. I really like Brockington. At first, I thought of him as just another Penn State transfer like Bolton who could really...
  18. Cycsk

    Perspective by a male coach of a women's team

    Great interview at the end of this week's Title IX podcast with Central College softball coach George Wares. He gives great perspective on how to make a difference for equity in an unfair world. P.S. I can't wait to see Ross and...
  19. Cycsk

    Antifreeze Cocktail Party - Sat. Jan. 29th

    Anybody want to ride together to the Antifreeze Cocktail Party in LeClair? It is held by the Mississippi River Distilling Company, a sponsor of I'll be travelling from Ames. I heard about it on...
  20. Cycsk

    Sites for tracking transfers

    Are there sites that track offers for those in the transfer portal? I can only find sites that track offers for high school recruits.