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  1. SplitIdentity

    Tips for selling high mileage car

    We are finally to the point of selling my wife's car. It's an older crv with 250,000 miles on it. Here's the kicker: it grinds when you dive it, the rear end is smashed in a little from a fender bender last year, and the sway bars are in rough shape. I doubt many people would be...
  2. SplitIdentity

    Mix and match Iowa beers

    Anybody have a good place to do a mix and match 6 pack in the des Moines area? I'm back in Iowa for the week, and wanna get an Iowa sample for my brother in law.
  3. SplitIdentity

    Iowa and isu police trade jokes

    Saw this just now. Pretty awesome! Not siap.
  4. SplitIdentity

    Road bike suggestions?

    I'm looking at getting a road bike here soon. I've owned a mountain bike all my life, and while those trails are fun, I'd like to start going for some distance. What are some good road bike suggestions? I'm hoping for something in the $800-$1200 range. I know you can spend an arm and a leg...
  5. SplitIdentity

    when the best drops...
  6. SplitIdentity

    Gross things you need to know

    Most of the red dye found in your food comes from crushed up bugs. How Cochineal Insects Color Your Food And Drinks - Business Insider Post other gross things that everybody should know. And that I can avoid.
  7. SplitIdentity

    First time flyer

    So, I'm about to take flight for my first time on an airplane. Ever. And I'm going to Europe. I'm also terrified of heights and get motion sick easy. I'm not super stoked, obviously, but it wasn't my choice. Anywho, I have quite the carefully planned out cocktail of meds/alcohol planned...
  8. SplitIdentity

    Things that look bad but really aren't

    So I sometimes like to **** with my fiance when she's sitting next to me on the couch, and look at pictures of things that look dirty, but really aren't. I'm running out of material, so I started a thread. Mods, if this is out of bounds, delete. For the record, all of this is not actually...
  9. SplitIdentity

    Air Purifiers?

    I have horrible allergies, and we just got a dog to go with our newly built townhome surrounded by several dirt lots that are also under construction. So, I give up, and we're looking at getting an air purifier type deal. I figure there's gotta be a few smart people out there that have given...
  10. SplitIdentity

    Best new Android Phones?

    Yes. Another one of these threads. And no, I'm not SIAP. I've got a lot invested in google and such, and although I don't mind Apple, I'm really not interested in the iPhones or anything. I've been checking out the Droid DNA, but... not sure. The Razr Maxx HD looks pretty darn sweet, but...
  11. SplitIdentity

    How do you picture other posters?

    Got this idea from another thread. Forgot which one. Doesn't matter though, since I posted it first I get credit. I'll start off. 21 =
  12. SplitIdentity

    Ice fishing

    Like it or not, December is a couple days away. Lakes up here have frozen over, so it won't be long before they're thick enough to walk on. I've been an avid summer fisherman, but only ice fish a few times a winter, and that's trout fishing with my dad. Does anybody have any good ice...
  13. SplitIdentity

    Drinking beer in the shower?

    Anybody else do it? Friend and I were discussing this the other day. It's good to come home from work and take a shower and enjoy a cool brewskie.
  14. SplitIdentity

    Telephone line

    Hey guys. So here's a question for you. We just moved into a new townhome and got centurylink installed. There were no phone jacks, so we installed one ourselves. The problem is, and I've tried several different outlets, the line seems to be dead. I ran a line from the test jack in the...
  15. SplitIdentity

    Unintelligent Facebook Posts

    Thought this would be a fun idea. I have a few people from high school that added me, and I keep them around, because, well, their posts make me laugh at their lives. So, if you have some of those you want to share, DO IT. Srsly.
  16. SplitIdentity

    US vs. Jamaica

    Didn't find a thread on this (didn't look or search). GO USA GAME ON!
  17. SplitIdentity

    Dish vs. DirecTV

    Hey there people. Quick question here. We are moving out of an apartment next month, and that means I finally get to drop comcast. I'm looking at either DirecTV or Dish. Dish seems a little cheaper, but I've heard great things about DirecTV. Anybody with Dish know if their internet service...
  18. SplitIdentity

    Tablet suggestions?

    I did a quick search, and couldn't find any recent tablet suggestion topics. Anywho, I don't want an iPad. I was looking at the Samsung Galexy Tab, and the Sony S, and have seen great reviews on both. Really, I'm just looking to downsize from my laptop. All I really do is surf the web...
  19. SplitIdentity

    Big Ten Hate

    Look, I get it. Iowa is in the Big Ten, and ISU fans hate Iowa. No brainer. What I don't get is the over-obsession by quite a few people on here with the BIG. I guess I just don't get the mindset of treating an entire conference as an opposing (or favorite) team. Personally, I was...
  20. SplitIdentity

    Red Rock (the town)?

    I don't know where I read it, but I didn't know there used to be a town called Red Rock which is located where the current lake is now? Since the lake was built in '69 (haha) does anybody who was round then know what actually happened to the town itself? I've tried googling it, but haven't...