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  1. Cybyassociation

    Darryl from New Shannon on KXNO shows

    Fan/listener interaction leads to more and new listeners.
  2. Cybyassociation

    The battle between Iowa high schools and state.

    So you want them to start following the ignoring the rules? Ok.
  3. Cybyassociation

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Some real solid stoner/sludge/blues metal this year. These two bands came outta nowhere for me and have consumed my headphones and turntable for the last month or so. This might be my favorite album of the year: Followed by this:
  4. Cybyassociation

    OT #1 - Touch the Sky

    As it should be. The Eagles suck.
  5. Cybyassociation

    Dave Ramsey-Financial Peace University

    Oh, I agree, but he often urges people to give to their churches which are also one of his major sources of revenue. It just seems dirty.
  6. Cybyassociation

    Dave Ramsey-Financial Peace University

    One of the things that makes me uneasy about Ramsey is his tenet about giving, and specifically to churches. Give all you want to your churches, that's not what bothers me, what bothers me is churches are his largest audience/target market. He wants you to give to churches and he wants churches...
  7. Cybyassociation

    Dave Ramsey-Financial Peace University

    I think Dave Ramsey has some sound financial advice. I don't agree with some of his methods or philosophies, but he knows what he's talking about.
  8. Cybyassociation

    Big 12 Elimination Competition. Week 2

    Texas TCU Texas Kansas
  9. Cybyassociation

    Mods could do a better job with threads/posters

    I'm personally tired of all of the new posts about "Cheap, High Quality Jerseys". I wish the mods would do their paid jobs and police these types of posts more often.
  10. Cybyassociation

    Big 12 Elimination Competition. Week 1

    Week 1: Baylor High: WVU OSU Low: Kansas
  11. Cybyassociation

    Aromatically Destroying Workplace Bathrooms

    I'm not a coffee drinker, but it seems like no matter what sort of business I take care of at home, the moment I sit in my chair at work, my body clock rings true.
  12. Cybyassociation

    Aromatically Destroying Workplace Bathrooms

    As I've returned to work, I've been astounded by how quickly my body has responded to my typical "workday circadian rhythm". In other words, what time of the day I make poop.
  13. Cybyassociation

    PODCAST: Jamie Pollard on the last 14 days

    Has/Will someone transcribe this?
  14. Cybyassociation

    ***The Da Vinci Code Mafia***

    Sorry folks, I really wanted to be active like the old days...this old man just can't kick it any more.
  15. Cybyassociation

    ***The Da Vinci Code Mafia***

    Man I forgot how much time this game can take and how little of it I have these days. I'm going back to my day 1 vote and going for Michael. I've got a nice feeling about it. Vote Michael
  16. Cybyassociation

    ***The Da Vinci Code Mafia***

    Sorry folks. Birthday today and my folks came into town. Not going to contribute much of anything today except voting for Cy$ because I think his Avatar is goofy. Vote Cy$
  17. Cybyassociation

    ***The Da Vinci Code Mafia***

    I'm just going to vote for familiar names since I have no idea who half of these new mafia kids are. vote michaelrr1
  18. Cybyassociation

    ***The Da Vinci Code Mafia***

    Excited to be back after quite a few years off. Did we get many first timers for this game? Lotta names I don't recognize from the olden days.
  19. Cybyassociation

    ***The Da Vinci Code Mafia Sign Up***

    Man, it's been way too long for me. I don't jump on here too often any more either...but I'm really tempted. **** it. I'm IN
  20. Cybyassociation

    Breweries to survive coronavirus?

    The breweries who are adapting are going to be the breweries who survive. Places like Lua who didn't have to go orders when they initially shut down, I don't believe would survive. Since they're offering to go beer and food now, I think they'll do alright. The resiliency of a lot of these...