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  1. Rick

    Riding time

    I have been to or watched 5 meets so far this year. The one thing I don't get is why we don't try to get riding time in a lot of matches. Yesterday there were at last 6 times the other wrestler was up and out in under 9 seconds and we didn't appear to even want to hold them down. These were...
  2. Rick

    3rd and long

    TOE is 3rd and 22 inside the 10. We rush 3 players and give a senior QB all the time in the world to complete the pass. This is what Rhoads used to do and it drove me crazy then. How many times during that era did we watch the other QB scramble forever and then complete a long pass. I am not...
  3. Rick

    First play after a turnover

    I can't believe we can't be more creative in these. So far this season we have run between the tackles on all but one turnover. The one time we didn't, TD. Is Campbell trying to make a statement by running it right at them?
  4. Rick

    Fighting Halgerson's

    How many times did they stop play with an injury? It was almost embarrassing that every time we got on a roll one of their players went down and they got a free timeout to plan the stop. I remember TCU being bad at this but tonight was the worst. There needs to be some type of rule you get X...
  5. Rick

    Seth Davis

    Can the guy be anymore clueless? We play 9 guys total and 8 guys with big minutes and he says or bench is short. What a moron.
  6. Rick

    Trevor Ryen is it ankle or knee?

    I know they made a quick announcement during the game his ankle was hurt but I thought he was holding his knee. I don't see any threads on this. Anyone got some news.
  7. Rick

    Daley Touchdown

    Is there a video of his route? I was watching the whole play and it looked like Park was throwing the ball away. Next thing I knew, Daley grabs it and scores. The DB had no clue what he was doing.
  8. Rick

    Season Tickets

    Getting tickets for the first time. I donated to the Cyclone Club to get better seat options and was told that I would be getting an email advising more info on 04/01. Who knows how this works and what I should expect?
  9. Rick

    After watching EIU get handed a victory ....

    Is there any question on who the best player in the state is? That might have been the most missed calls I have seen but where was Uthoff? I searched for the previous thread and it was locked but he just plain disappears in the clutch. Niang gets doubled up and special attention but Uthoff...
  10. Rick


    I understand we are not peaking in the eyes of many, but, why is it that all the brackets have us going to Spokane regardless of what bracket we are in. Say we catch fire and win the BXII. We get bumped to a 4 seed with some mojo going. OU gets to play in Oklahoma City, UNC gets Raleigh...
  11. Rick

    Georges Defense

    Last night might have been the most intensity I have seen from Georges on defense. He was super aggressive and didn't get the ticky tack calls that have plagued him this season. Of course, late in the game the zebras must have decided they forgot to call it tight and he picked up a couple then...
  12. Rick

    JUCO QB Andrew Ford

    247 reporting interest by Ford in Clones. Pay site that I am not going into. Looks like a lefty but I have never heard of him.
  13. Rick

    Nader to McKay

    Mods combine this if needed because I can't believe nobody has started a thread on this, but, how many times has Nader passed successfully to McKay? Once tonight is the only time I can remember all season. Maybe I am being picky but they need to throw that play in the trash.
  14. Rick

    Traveling calls last weekend

    Did anyone else notice the number of traveling calls Saturday? I see more traveling than is ever called except for then. I know Georges had 7 turnovers but don't know how many were traveling but we had 22 turnovers for the game and a bunch were traveling that has not been called in the past...
  15. Rick

    Drone at football game Saturday

    I looked through the threads and couldn't find anything about this. There was a drone over the stadium in the third quarter for about 5 minutes and it disappeared. I thought it might be the station but why only for those few moments?
  16. Rick

    ESPN article

    I think the TV I was watching the end of the game fooled me. According to ESPN, Hogue dribbled the ball up the floor and passed the ball to Morris who was in the corner, flashed out and sunk the game winner all in motion. What I watched was Monte getting the inbound pass, dribble up court and...
  17. Rick

    Top Ten Plays

    I searched ESPN and havent had time to watch their show but did the Lazard catch make it? What I saw on the website wasnt even close to what he did. Sorry if this is already a thread but I searched and didnt see one.
  18. Rick

    Insight.Com bowl/Rhoads

    Has anyone watched the replay of the Insight.Com bowl and all the attention they put on Rhoads. It seemed they spent as much time on him as they did Harris. His personality hasn't changed much over the years. Facial expressions and intensity look the same today as an HC as he did then as a DC.
  19. Rick

    Elite Eight

    All the ESPN analysts have us in the Elite Eight losing to MSU. I think if we get there we take them. As long as we dont get the same refs as 2000.
  20. Rick

    Top 25 victories

    Lunardi keeps harping on Michigan and their " Top 25 " victories. I thought at one time we were third in the nation in this type of victories. Where are the looking at does anyone know the breakdown.