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  1. ImJustKCClone

    Hoyt Sherman Place

    I'm going to be buying tickets for a show there that go on sale at 10.00a. I was looking at the seats in the presale last night but didn't have the code to buy. We've never been there. There were a lot of seats still available at the end of the presale, and I was wondering if anyone can...
  2. ImJustKCClone

    As usual, no respect...

    I couldn't decide which thread to put this in so decided to give it its own thread. Just a couple of little problems with this... edit: I guess I should have done a screenshot instead of embedding the tweet. See description below.
  3. ImJustKCClone

    Importing Excel file to CF

    I'm trying to do this in a thread, and I'm getting a "too many characters" error. Any suggestions on how to work around this would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. ImJustKCClone

    For all you cubicle dwellers - top this!

    The replies are fun too; there's a video tour of the cubicle, and other people have shared their own cubicle decor...including a bistro design that was apparently in the Pentagon!
  5. ImJustKCClone

    Looking for ADA seating for two

    I have been cleared by my doc to go to games, but I am still non-weight-bearing and have to use a wheelchair. Can't get to our seats, so I tried to exchange tickets for ADA seating but there are no ADA seats open for the rest of the season. :( If you have ADA seats that you won't be using for...
  6. ImJustKCClone

    3 for TTU sec239 row9 seats123 SOLD

    If you want them, they're yours. I just want butts in our seats. There may be more available this month.
  7. ImJustKCClone

    FS: never mind...

    Never mind. We're going to be able to go after all. Woot!
  8. ImJustKCClone

    Possibly the worst fake faint ever?

  9. ImJustKCClone

    If WWI and WW2 were bar fights...

    Not entirely accurate, but these just cracked me up. Enjoy. :D And WWII: Still sore from the night before, Germany has had one too many pints. It is sucking up to Russia, deciding it doesn’t want to pay for the drinks that France insists it owes. They then drunkenly shout out that Austria is...
  10. ImJustKCClone

    Sexy Cy...

    When we were packing up at the campground we deflated our Cy and he collapsed into this "hey sailor" pose. Had to share! :D
  11. ImJustKCClone

    Ohio State player receives death threats

    Ohio State (and Cherry Cheeks Craft) are near the top of my "hate list" as far as college basketball programs go, but this goes so far beyond the pale...and it is coming from his own "fan" base. Unreal...
  12. ImJustKCClone

    March 10th. You're welcome.

  13. ImJustKCClone

    Best way to bring in a new year - with Boston Dynamics

    I want to take the yellow one home with me! He's got moves!
  14. ImJustKCClone

    A seasonal game to challenge your powers of deduction:

    @coolerifyoudid posted a game in the RTT thread and it reminded me of this game I created about 15 years ago for a holiday party. The following is a list of alternative titles for various seasonal songs, some sacred, some secular. They range from traditional carols to more recent ones. There...
  15. ImJustKCClone

    Introduction of the seniors on senior night

    Seeing the seniors greet Matt Campbell and their parents when exiting the tunnel for the last game has always been a favorite ritual for me...and an emotional one. These 16 young men deserve a helluva send-off...but it won't be shown on TV IF someone happens to record it on their phone, and...
  16. ImJustKCClone

    Bartlett, CJ, Josh, Toby, Sam, Charlie, Donna...

    @harimad have you heard about this? West Wing "Hartsfield Landing" episode is being presented as a stage play with the original cast on HBO/MAX on October 15th to benefit Michelle Obama's "When We All Vote". I am SOOOO geeking out. I only wish Leo could be there. :(...
  17. ImJustKCClone

    Baby born Magic Potty Surprise

    We just saw this commercial on TV tonight. There simply are no words...
  18. ImJustKCClone

    Who Remembers The Beatles?

    We've been having some fun with this image on Facebook. I thought the OTN regulars might enjoy it: @MeanDean @cyclones500 @CycloneRulzzz and a bunch of others...
  19. ImJustKCClone

    Happy Mother's Day!

    I think it would be fun to see pics of our moms with us as kidlets. This is me with my mother, October 1956 in Ft Worth, Texas.
  20. ImJustKCClone

    A little fun for May the fourth (be with you)...

    Happy Internathional Nerdth With A Lithp Day, y'all! I only used the three trilogies in my responses, as I know them "best" 1) original 2) Leia/Han 3) Han Solo 4) JarJar Binks (go ahead and hate me) 5) Finn 6) Luke/Leia/Han (they started it all...) 7) Poe/Finn 8) R2D2 (although I DO like the...