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  1. RustShack

    NCAA Tournament “realistic” Predictions

    Alright who’s winning it all? Who are the “dark horse” teams? Who is Cinderella? Gun to head pick eight teams to win first two rounds? And to make it an Iowa State B-Ball Thread, who is a coaching candidate for us in said tournament? P.S. It’s probably been years since I started a thread...
  2. RustShack

    Hilton Magic Wheelchair picture

    Who has it?
  3. RustShack

    Epps playing as a Freshman?

    @AlexHalsted: Paul Rhoads said true freshman WR Carson Epps has impressed and emerged and is a go to play this season. Along with RB Joshua Thomas. Interesting with our stacked WR corps.
  4. RustShack

    Team Captains

    Sam Richardson and Levi Peters. Just two this year.
  5. RustShack

    Number Changes

    Morris wearing 3 now?
  6. RustShack

    Compare and contrast

    Lucious - Morris Babb - Long Clyburn - Kane Ejim - Hogue Niang - Ejim McGee - Thomas Booker - Edozie
  7. RustShack

    Who's YOUR starting QB?

    Never too early.
  8. RustShack

    On my phone it says playback not supported. Is there any way to make this work on an iPhone 5? I searched for and App and didn't see one
  9. RustShack

    Player comparisons

    Who do our guys games compare most to?
  10. RustShack

    Why are losing in this poll!!! Vote Iowa State!!!
  11. RustShack


    @JonRothstein: Hearing Iowa State's Naz Long has had a strong summer. Could be Cyclones' backup SG. ISU needs a spark in reserve to replace Tyrus McGee.
  12. RustShack

    White Helmets

    Kansas has them even.
  13. RustShack

    Calling it.

    Iowa State wins a Big12 Title and BCS Bowl game in the next five years if CPR, Wally, Yancy, and Klenakis are still here.
  14. RustShack

    Computer background/Chrome theme

    More than likely a repost, but I did some browsing and wasn't seeing anything. I would like to find a background from the Oklahoma State game, similar to this years poster. Also is there an Iowa State theme for google chrome? Thank you
  15. RustShack

    Updated *Who Else Commits Now?*

    What positions should we be trying to close out the class with, and who is the most likely to commit?
  16. RustShack

    Knott back in practice

    Jknott20 Jake Knott Felt awesome to be on the practice field again. One of our best practices all year! We got after it!!! #cyclones
  17. RustShack

    NE Iowa

    I've lived in Waterloo the last few years. Iowa State clothing up here is few and far between. The few places that sell it hardly have any. Same with people wearing it, I see maybe two people on a good week. But today, I'm pretty sure I seen twice as many people wearing ISU than I did Iowa...
  18. RustShack

    First time hillside

    Every time I've been to Jack Trice I've been in the stands. By last game I was actually against the wall next to a Hillside. I got hillsides for the Iowa game and was just wondering what I should expect. Will I be able to see about the same as sitting in that corner? Does standing on a hill...
  19. RustShack

    Updated Starting Lineups

    Whats everyone thinking now after the CCL?
  20. RustShack

    Talent Question

    Where do our players rank compared to Garret his Jr. year? Fred has brought in a lot of talent... How many of them could/should make Diante type improvements?