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  1. Rabbuk

    Breaking a Lease in Iowa Question

    Kind of a specific question I can't find a good answer to on the internet, hoping either someone who is a landlord or has been in the situation can help me out: Moved out of state and broke my lease early, per Iowa law I have continued to pay rent while Land lord is searching for a new tenant...
  2. Rabbuk

    ISU Season paused indefinitely.

    See title.
  3. Rabbuk

    ***Official Nice Things You Can Say On Twitter***

    I'll start: I am pumped for the 10 million dollar pedestrian bridge. The bells of Iowa State is not the song equivalent of a tranquilizer dart.
  4. Rabbuk

    Fire all the coaches v 4.0

    For your consideration
  5. Rabbuk

    Antonio Brown accused of rape
  6. Rabbuk

    22 Self reported violations at THE Ohio State University I assumed such an esteemed program would never.
  7. Rabbuk

    Favorite Simple but obscure mixed drink

    My favorite, a Gin Buck 2 slices of lemon squeezed and put in glass 3 ounces of gin Ginger Ale Ice What's your go to non-complex drink that you can make with reasonable stuff you have at home?
  8. Rabbuk

    Charles Manson dead

    Dead at 83.
  9. Rabbuk

    ***Official General College Football 2017 Thread***

    FAMU vs. Texas Southern, Oregon State vs. CSU... currently watching Portland St. vs. BYU. Tough to not be hyped about all these awesome first weekend games.
  10. Rabbuk

    Does anyone meal prep?

    I was just wondering if anyone on here meal preps at all. If so what are some tips/resources that you'd have. Mostly just kind of realizing where I work is surrounded by gas stations and no healthy/cheap options... looking to stay trim and save money.
  11. Rabbuk

    At what point...

    Do we blame JP
  12. Rabbuk

    Dewshine Holy Moly.
  13. Rabbuk

    Keep Paul

    Dan Mccarney, we'll never get anyone better, 4 million dollars, we are iowa state.
  14. Rabbuk

    ***Official Thon Maker Recruitment Thread***

    All aboard the hype train.
  15. Rabbuk

    Poll: Will you?

    Will you still buy season tickets if CPR is back next year?
  16. Rabbuk

    Rent Question

    Settle an argument. What percent of take home pay would you spend on rent?
  17. Rabbuk

    Predictions for our next Super Bowl?

    Toledo 28 ISU 14
  18. Rabbuk

    Seminoles gon' Seminole
  19. Rabbuk

    Mayweather's Haul

    Any guesses on how much Mayweather took home for his last fight...
  20. Rabbuk

    what the...