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  1. Rabbuk

    Kell0147 appears to be a scammer

    The new jersey number seems like a good clue
  2. Rabbuk

    2022 NBA offseason

    I hope that doesn't mean Lonzo isn't going to be ready
  3. Rabbuk

    Tennis 2022

    I believe you have to wait for the returner to be ready. But if the returner is ******* with the momentum the judge should warn them and eventually they will have a chat with both players about it. If the server serves to a clearly not ready returner I think it's a let. When I played I always...
  4. Rabbuk

    Which Football Game Should I Attend?

    I like going early in the season, im not built for November games outside.
  5. Rabbuk

    MLB: ***Official 2022 Chicago Cubs Season Thread***

    Selfishly I don't like wells as a starter
  6. Rabbuk

    Tennis 2022

    Yeah which is why its funny he is complaining but AFAIK McEnroe always played hard.
  7. Rabbuk

    Tennis 2022

    Kyrgios is not loved by tennis purists because he's kind of an ass hole who doesn't try all the time. I think he's funny as **** personally. The vast majority of announcers make the experience worse
  8. Rabbuk

    Tennis 2022

    If you're just figuring out sports are better with the commentary off I don't know how you've ever enjoyed sports
  9. Rabbuk

    MLB: ***2022 MLB SEASON THREAD***

    Setting up the 2nd appearance redemption arc.
  10. Rabbuk

    Jackson Vroman dies

    Being 7 feet tall would seem like a good clue haha
  11. Rabbuk

    KXNO Sports Fanatics

    Assuming he is a t shirt notre dame fan? They are a special breed.
  12. Rabbuk

    2022 NBA offseason

    Seems like gobert type centers are kind of on the way out of style
  13. Rabbuk

    2022 NBA offseason

    Seems like a pretty bad haul for Malcom brogdon
  14. Rabbuk

    JJ Kohl set to compete in Elite 11 this week (Tuesday-Thurs.)

    Can he throw the ball 80 yards on his knees?
  15. Rabbuk

    Random Thoughts 16: “Somebody had to do it” edition

    That is a fresh tune, not played out at all.
  16. Rabbuk

    2022 NBA offseason

    These stars are so soft.
  17. Rabbuk

    Algona B-G forfeits boys baseball conference title

    We had a coach and 2 players keeping it
  18. Rabbuk

    Algona B-G forfeits boys baseball conference title

    I mean I feel like there's no winners here. Pitch count rules are pretty easy to follow but I wouldn't find much joy in winning that way.
  19. Rabbuk

    Trevor Buhr commits

    Yeah he's 270 lbs
  20. Rabbuk

    Why is Fred in this picture

    Talking about premium content, that's a bannin