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  1. whirlybirds

    12 Hours Until Tip-Off!

    Go Cyclones!!!!!!!!!
  2. whirlybirds

    Never Forget.

    If we ever meet Wisconsin in the NCAA Tournament, let us never forget.....
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    Jerky Recipes

    I got a dehydrator for Christmas last year and been making jerky like crazy over the last few months trying to find a good recipe that works. I found one on youtube and it didn't turn out too well. It called for 1 cup of soy sauce and 1 cup of Worcestershire, with spices, and it had some nasty...
  4. whirlybirds

    Best Iowa State Related Gift

    Christmas is approaching and I'm looking for gift ideas for the fan that has it all. What are some of your favorite gifts you have received that is related to ISU. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a gift, it could be something you bought for yourself. GO! Edit: Picture or links to said item...
  5. whirlybirds

    Did Led Zeppelin Copy Stairway to Heaven? A lawsuit is claiming Zeppelin stole the main riff of Stairway to Heaven from another band. Today, Led Zeppelin lost their first day in court. Riff stars at 0:43 seconds in.
  6. whirlybirds

    Hilton Madness?

    Anyone know what time this shindig will start? I know they will be showing the ISU vs Tejas game on the jumbo-tron which starts at 7pm. I'm guessing 5pm.....
  7. whirlybirds

    New Commit From Murray (8 Man) ?

    Anyone know his name and what class he's in?
  8. whirlybirds

    Let the trash talking begin!

  9. whirlybirds

    What Is This?*******&lname=******* Either way, congratulations, ******* *******! Edit: Ok it's censored now.
  10. whirlybirds

    Happy Easter: Mark Mangino
  11. whirlybirds

    Big 12 Network Saying Hoiberg Will Be The Next Timerwolves Coach.

    Purely speculation but I hope this isn't true.
  12. whirlybirds

    Whirlybirds Account Hacked

    It appears that a banned user by the name of District Clone has taken the liberty to post on my behalf over the past few weeks. I ended up getting banned over it and just wanted to apologize for any damage he has done. I have changed my password so it's will be just me for now on. :realmad:
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    Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Zipping by Earth on Close-Approach
  14. whirlybirds

    Has Travis Ford Been Fired Yet?

    Oklahoma State fans have put together a website to let America know if their Oklahoma State athletic department has fired their coach. Kind of funny, if you ask me. Is Travis Ford fired yet?
  15. whirlybirds

    20 Years Ago This Week: Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Texas Tech Accept Big 12 Invite

    COLLEGES - End to Southwest Conference Now Seems to Be Getting Closer -
  16. whirlybirds

    Westburo Baptist and KSU?

    I'm sorry but I found this rather amusing. (I know, I misspelled Westboro.)
  17. whirlybirds

    Kansas State @ Oklahoma

    Anyone else going to watch this game? It should be a good one. This will be good insight on whether we can steal a win against either one of these teams, or better yet, both.
  18. whirlybirds

    Best Sports Bar In Des Moines?

    I need a sports bar in the Des Moines area that serves food to watch the game tonight? Anyone have a favorite?
  19. whirlybirds

    Best Bars In Des Moines/Ames

    What are some of your favorite watering holes in the area? I wouldn't mind checking out a new bar or 2 that I've never been to. As of lately, I've been enjoying a few cold ones over at The Ridgemont on Hickman. They always have good deals such as $4 40oz's on Fridays and the bartending staff are...