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  1. tzjung

    Favorite Military Aircraft

    F-117 Nighthawk B-2 Spirit F-22 Raptor But the best is the SR-71 Blackbird.... What an amazing piece of engineering for the time period too!
  2. tzjung

    Fantasy Football Draft Values

    If kittle can stay healthy it's a no brainer. TE is a position where you can build big advantages for your team as there are so few that put up big numbers.
  3. tzjung

    Eyioma Uwazurike drafted by Denver

    Mike Rose is in a perfect opportunity. Chiefs need productive LBs, and they run a pretty agressive scheme. I think he will make a splash there!
  4. tzjung

    Football Parking

    Question for you guys. I really want a parking spot this year so I added a Gold level cyclone club donation for the first time this year. With that said, I have 3 little kids and we usually just sit hillside. Can I get a parking lot pass with my donation while just buying Jr cyclone club...
  5. tzjung

    ISU News and Tweets

    Honestly, I think Arkansas is too high, i'd move Zags and us ahead of them and then providence. With that said, top 9 teams are stone cold locks. Those Bruins and UNC all time teams are crazy....
  6. tzjung

    ISU News and Tweets

    Interesting but fun article to discuss.. best all time rosters and how they compare to each other for teams in the Sweet 16. I'm biased obviously, but I think our team should be ranked higher...
  7. tzjung

    Who's headed to the United Center?

    Yep, it's definitely a weird garage, I agree. But, $40 a day for self park here or $80 for valet at the embassy a block away! I'll take the weird garage.
  8. tzjung

    Who's headed to the United Center?

    I booked the Embassy Suites on Columbus downtown as they have self parking, but I can cancel through Thursday if I can't convince my wife to go. We didn't do anything for spring break, so could be a fun weekend in Chicago. Also would bring my 8yr old twins and a 5 yr old so we'll see....
  9. tzjung

    ISU News and Tweets

    Our old friend and ex-big12 beat writer from ESPN Myron Metcalf re-seeds us at 15:
  10. tzjung


    I'm just going to say, I love all you mother *******!!! SWEET 16 BABY!!!!!!
  11. tzjung

    *** Official Oklahoma State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Honestly, how come we play our worst at home?
  12. tzjung

    Texas Reprimanded

    Haha! That was the slowest ******* court storm I've ever seen!
  13. tzjung

    Redskins = WFT = Commanders?

    The Washington What?!!
  14. tzjung

    Rumors of Jim Harbaugh to Miami Dolphins

    I'll take that bet.
  15. tzjung

    FS: SOLD

    I hear just DM'd you
  16. tzjung

    Rumors of Jim Harbaugh to Miami Dolphins

    The dude who would donate to pay him that extra million from UM is the Dolphins owner......
  17. tzjung

    Rumors of Jim Harbaugh to Miami Dolphins

    Saw this on the top of CFB on Reddit, was surprised it wasn't posted here yet: For legitimacy here's a Dolphins beat writer as well:
  18. tzjung

    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    Just to clarify, it was a 3rd and goal and was supposed to be a quick shot to the end zone so you can still kick the field goal. Obviously.. that didn't happen and Mahomes messed that up.