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  1. CyGold

    CRTC Golf Outing in Ames yesterday

    I had a great time yesterday! Special "Thanks" to Robin and the rest of the crew that organized and put on such a great event. It was great to see most of the wrestlers in attendance. Congrats to Coach Metcalf on the birth of a baby girl (born yesterday I think). Coach Dresser gave him a...
  2. CyGold

    Final awards for the 2020 NCAA Championships (in my world)

    I'm going to anoint myself the great decider... and award 2020 AA placings and team trophies based upon the final seeding for the tourney (at the time it was cancelled). The competitors and teams earned these seeds and rankings from the results of the entire season. I’ve been to multiple...
  3. CyGold


    Does anyone know what his weight is? After listening to Coach KD's comments I'm wondering if he wouldn't be better at 184. He had a impressive RS year at 184. I'm not saying he could/would beat out Colbray. I also know Broderson is looking also really good at 184 and KD makes some very...
  4. CyGold

    Feb 24th @ 5pm = 10,000 fan challenge (Who's in?)

    From Chris Williams (prior post). . . Dresser, who I have really come to appreciate, was on my radio show Monday night. He’s challenging 10,000 Iowa State fans to show up for the regular season finale against Missouri on [Sunday] Feb. 24. To accommodate that challenge, Iowa State announced on...
  5. CyGold

    GOMEZ tosses & pins RBY

    WOW!!!! He was down 8-2 or 9-2 and tosses him for the fall! Congrats Austin. This kid is explosive and fun to watch. Deserves his own thread! Great showing so far by the whole team :D:)
  6. CyGold

    JP hits a home run hiring Dresser!

    JP has been criticized for not supporting Wrestling. I've wondered myself. However, I have to give credit when it's due. Hiring Dresser is a great hire and offering $2.25 ML guaranteed contract should put everyone on notice that the ISU athletic dept. is ALL IN!
  7. CyGold

    Simmons Vs Meeks

    After reading the Cyclonefanatic article (thanks for the article btw ) it states... "For Simmons, he missed this weekend due to a weight issue. Jackson is unsure if Simmons will compete during the rest of the...
  8. CyGold

    Storr takes 2nd at UNI open

    great tournament for him. Places ahead of Gabe.
  9. CyGold

    Colbray question

    I noticed we had some positive results from Vega and others at the UNK open. Colbray also wrestled and was listed "unattached". I'm wondering if he can still redshirt this year? Can someone please confirm this for me. Unfortunately his results are not stellar so far and I'm still hoping he...