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    Installing Christmas lights

    For a few years now I have put up Christmas lights on our front yard tree, along with the house. Now I want to try to put them up on our other front tree, which is on the other side of the house and across the sidewalk. Does anyone have experience running a power cord under the sidewalk so I...
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    Central IA firewood

    Anyone have a good supplier you get firewood from around Des Moines? I'm not looking for a full cord, just enough to have some bonfires the rest of this summer/fall. I've bought some bundles from HyVee lately--the wood is awful. Doesn't burn well at all, it is packaged as Warren County. Thanks!
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    Electrical question: light fixtures

    So we ordered some new exterior light fixtures for our house. Our old ones fully enclosed the light bulb, but these new ones are "barn" style where the bulb is under the fixture but technically open to any elements that may blow up into it. Our house faces north. My question, maybe a really...
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    Outdoor hose/spigot question

    Attached are a couple pics of my exterior hose/spigot. Backstory: Ever since I moved in a couple years ago, when I turn on the hose(actually both exterior hoses), there is a very small leak that has come from the top "cap" of the spigot. Nothing crazy, but noticeable and I wanted to fix it...
  5. H

    Leaf Guard

    Going to be in the market for new gutters on my house. Does anyone have experience with the Leaf Guard products? Do the leaves still get caught on top of the Leaf Guard or do they easily blow off? Are they truly effective, or would I still have to go up and clean the gutters a couple times a...
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    FS: 2 for Baylor

    Sec 218, row 9. Selling for $20 total. Trying to find anyone who can go tonight! I can transfer electronically.
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    15 games left (long)

    We are 12-4 (2-2). This is my prediction rest of the way... @ TTU - loss OSU - win @ KU - loss @ Ole Miss - loss WVU - win UT - win @ OU - loss TCU - loss @ KSU - loss BAY - win @ TCU - loss OU - win @ UT - win @ WVU - loss TTU - win That would put us at 21-14 (9-9). I think we go 1-1 in KC...
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    RB usage (long)

    Reflecting on our season, I'm still baffled and disappointed with our lack of creativity using Montgomery, especially realizing he is likely gone now. I wish I had a specific stat, but the vast majority of carries for DM was between the tackles. I have no idea why we didn't get him out in space...
  9. H


    Datrones arm looked bad, not sure if it was wrist or elbow? Hoping Peavy and DM were just nicked and be fine. I'm glad the game is over. Was getting nervous how late we had starters in.
  10. H

    Pheasant Hunting

    Anyone have experience pheasant hunting? Any tips or advice for a first timer (never been hunting in general)? Any preference on shotgun gauge, action type? What about the choke or size shot you use? I have a young lab and would like to take him with me, but again, he has no formal hunting...
  11. H

    Soehner to OT?

    So when does he officially move to Tackle? Not that he's going to start next week, but we need depth now, and in the next couple years. Unfortunately the OL has not developed yet as we had hoped. Anyone have updates on Bolton? I assume he's probably gone for good, but any hope? We need all...
  12. H


    For a program with high aspirations this season, sure need these guys to start screwing their heads on straight. Not that these are serious offenses, but the harm to the team is the same. Distractions, thin margin for error. Time to clean things up.
  13. H

    Golfing around Ames

    Hoping to get a couple rounds in before football games this fall. Anyone know the conditions of Veenker, Coldwater, Honey Creek? I just checked Coldwater's rates, they are already offering Fall rates and really cheap. Just curious how those courses have held up between times of heavy rains...
  14. H

    Battery-powered tools & equipment

    I would like to start assembling a set of home tools and equipment that can all be powered by the same battery. Weed trimmers, blowers, drill, impact, saws, etc. Anyone have experience with these? Ryobi, Stihl, any other brands? Right now I have a variety of cord, cordless, gas powered...
  15. H

    Dave Ramsey-Financial Peace University

    My church has always offered this course, so I decided to sign up and see what I can learn, 1st class was last night. I'll give a brief background then ask a couple questions of folks who have taken the course or can share financial advice.... My wife and I are both 30. We have paid off all...
  16. H

    FS: 2 for Iowa game

    I am unable to attend the Iowa game. Sec 218, row 9. Want these used by ISU fans. PM me with offer. Go Clones.
  17. H

    2018/19 Depth Chart predictions

    Didn't see another thread on this. Please merge if there is.... Seeing youngster Jacob Bolton inserted into the 2-deeps got me thinking about next season. My predictions are based off who is currently starting or backing up, as well as my best guess in other areas..... -Obviously QB could be...
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    Hilton Head Island

    Looking to take a trip here in September. Anyone visited? Recommendations on activities, restaurants, golf courses? Also interested in visiting Charleston and Savannah. Thanks!
  19. H

    Buying exercise equipment

    My wife has been asking for a treadmill, I haven't been convinced yet I want to spend the money or have that thing taking up space in the house. Anyone have recommendations on where to buy or what kind? Do any of the 2nd hand stores sell decent ones? Should I look on Craigslist? Would a...
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    Iowa Energy fire HC Matt Woodley

    Surprising move to me. I had just read a recent article talking about how many injuries his team has experienced and really the lack of roster stability all season. Plus he is a local guy trying to get more fans for the team. I guess this opens up the opportunity for him to coach at Drake if...