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  1. chriscyzer

    Alabama A&M coach talks mondays game

    A&M basketball victorious over Miles College 11/9/12 - YouTube
  2. chriscyzer

    Landscape Rock

    Any Ames residents know where I can dispose of some landscape rocks? Tried giving them away on craigslist with no luck. I was thinking someone in town could recycle them somehow. Thanks for any info.
  3. chriscyzer

    Need 3 Tickets for KU 1/28

    I'll buy em. Need 3 reasonable priced tickets. Slim chance I know but I thought I would throw it out there.
  4. chriscyzer

    Vanished with Beth Holloway

    Caught this show on the lifetime network tonight because they were talking about the Johnny Gosch kidnapping in West Des Moines in 1982. I didn't realize three kids were taken over the next few years. I remember being scared to death on my paper route during that time and I lived in Sioux...
  5. chriscyzer

    Iowa Message Boards

    They really are a treat aren't they? I have really enjoyed reading them this week. Any attention anyone else gets besides them and it blows up. Keep up the good work Hawks. Your wisdom is unmatched.
  6. chriscyzer

    Granny sets off airbag

    Funny video I thought I would share. Maybe this guy will respect his elders next time.YouTube - granny airbag
  7. chriscyzer

    DirectTV Question

    I am supposed to be getting my system installed today and I was wondering if I need a phone line to get this installed? My wife and I ditched our land line several years ago for cell phones. Do I have to have one? Years ago I needed one for digital cable but not anymore.
  8. chriscyzer

    Iowa Stars new name

  9. chriscyzer

    Any guess to what the next

    kick in the sack will be for ISU athletics? Wesley Johnson transfer? Barnes commits to the hawks? I am numb.
  10. chriscyzer

    Need one ticket for vs. Nebraska game Sat.

    If anyone has an extra ticket they want to sell I just need one. It does not matter where it is! Thank You!
  11. chriscyzer

    Good feeling about the Lucca appeal

    I was at the women's game tonight and sat 2 rows behind Jamie Pollard. While at the game I noticed that the men's squad was also there sitting 5 rows behind me which I thought was pretty cool. I saw Jamie Pollard turn around and give a big thumbs up with a huge smile. When I turned to see who he...
  12. chriscyzer

    UNI Game thoughts (merged)

    Why do we sub so much? I know we were in foul trouble tonight but I have seen it in the other games as well. Especially our guards. How can these guys get any kind of run going when we plug different people in all the time? I am most upset because I believe we were out-coached tonight. UNI...
  13. chriscyzer

    So are we better?

    Last year I came to tears after seeing us actually run an offense. Now I see nothing. We have no system that I can see. Too many new guys or what? We are standing around just like the Wayne Morgan teams. Cory Johnson needs more minutes because Thompson is just clueless out there. He is...
  14. chriscyzer

    Any news on WJ?

    I hope he can play some tomorrow. If so I think we can really play well and pull this out for a big road win. One other thing, OMG I love Cyclone Fanatic! I have been a slave on another site for 81 months. the discussion over here is excellent and entertaining at the same time. My kind of...