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  1. AlaCyclone

    Anybody drive to Canada lately?

    Nothing beats a good Iowa Potato with a nice steak from Idaho! / sarcasm
  2. AlaCyclone

    On That Note: Long, Long, Long

    Long, Long Way from Home by Foreigner!
  3. AlaCyclone

    Myles Norwood picks ISU over Alabama

    I wonder if N.I.L.-Ville is good for Iowa State because Campbell is comfortable in a place that isn't an N.I.L. Wh0reH0use? Just a thought, as Iowa State continues down their interesting football path of greatness. Let's Go State!
  4. AlaCyclone

    Myles Norwood picks ISU over Alabama

    I like it Let's Go State. Cyclones *****!
  5. AlaCyclone

    2022-23 Out of Conference Schedule

    I like @ Mizzou! Already booked. Sit Down Norm!
  6. AlaCyclone

    2026 World Cup Venues Announced

    I am happy K.C. was chosen, but I am super bummed Cincinnati was not. Either way, I'll be in K.C. and probably one or two other placs for a game or two. Cannot wait for the world to come to U.S.!
  7. AlaCyclone

    ***Official USMNT Thread***

    USMNT @ El Salvador tonight! @cyclonesurveyor 9 PM on FS1
  8. AlaCyclone

    ***Official USMNT Thread***

    Grenada @ USMNT tonight!
  9. AlaCyclone

    On That Note: Boys to Men

    Boy in the Box...
  10. AlaCyclone

    ***Official USMNT Thread***

    What a beautiful day in K.C. Yesterday for the Uruguay @ U.S.A. match!
  11. AlaCyclone

    TJ got an extension and a raise

    NOW, he can afford an offensive coordinator! I kid, I kid. / sarcasm
  12. AlaCyclone

    2022-23 Out of Conference Schedule

    I like it!
  13. AlaCyclone

    Non Major League Sports

    Aloha! Yes, yes, the Aloha Spirit. :) I loved my visit to Hawaii. My favorite thing was eating at the Side Street Inn on Hopaka Street. I had read about it and asked some friends of mine who live there if we could eat there when I visited, and they were like: "How do you know about that...
  14. AlaCyclone

    Non Major League Sports

    Aloha! FWIW, I have been to a football game @ Hawaii (2002 vs. Alabama), and I have seen them on the road twice (2006 @ Alabama and 2016 vs. Cal @ Sydney, AUS). The Hawaii fan support is really deep, and I appreciate it very much. I also graduated from Iowa State and went to football (Walden...
  15. AlaCyclone

    Mobile Tickets

    I did it my first year back in Iowa. The variety is nice, but hard to sell if you cannot go. So, if you are going to every game, it's a great idea!
  16. AlaCyclone

    Realignment, Alliance, and the Future of College Athletics

    It's an old TRADITIONAL Rivaly, and I like it! Sometimes a good home and home is just a good home and home. Let's Go Orange!
  17. AlaCyclone

    ***Official USMNT Thread***

    @Kaner04 Go to You can sign up as insider and have pre-sale access to tickets. There is a free sign-up that will give you early access and notification beforehand too (way to go IMO). I was able to land a seat today for $75.00 (included the fees through...
  18. AlaCyclone

    All Newly Declared Jets Fans

    FWIW, I've seen the Jets win a Playoff Game in person. @ Bengals in January 2010. Let's Go Jets!
  19. AlaCyclone

    ***Official USMNT Thread***

    Very reasonable. Under a $100 for sure. Do it! This will be my 5th USMNT Game and 2nd @ K.C. (Great Soccer Stadium!) Let's see, I've seen the USMNT play: Paraguay @ Lincoln Financial Field in Philly in the 2016 Copa America Centenario New Zealand @ RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. in 2016...
  20. AlaCyclone

    ***Official USMNT Thread***

    Uruguay @ USA on June 5th @ K.C. Perfecto!