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  1. sunnysideup

    Iowa game at Kinnick under the lights?

    Sounds like it according to Marc Morehouse's Twitter feed. He states he is 99% certain that ISU and Michigan will be Iowa's night games. The debauchery in Iowa City is going to be off the charts if true.
  2. sunnysideup

    Ballast Point Brewery Bought Out For a billion dollars! That's a crazy large amount of money for a craft brewery!
  3. sunnysideup

    Do we need a weather thread for this weekend?

    Models are showing a chance of 6-8 inches of snow over central Iowa for Saturday.
  4. sunnysideup

    First Scherff now Ott Two starters now out for the CyHawk game. Keep going like this and the game will get taken off of the boards.
  5. sunnysideup

    RB Ozigbo announcing at 2:00 today He's down to ISU/Iowa/Boise St. Work unit guy with access to pay boards on Hawkeye Report says the chatter indicates he will be choosing ISU.
  6. sunnysideup

    CyHawk Kickoff

    The Big 10 is releasing their first few weeks of kickoff times this afternoon. Another guy in my work unit has a subscription to one of the Hawkeye pay sites and supposedly the Iowa times have leaked including the CyHawk game which looks to be officially a 2:30 ABC/ESPN kickoff.
  7. sunnysideup

    State of Iowa recruiting

    I don't think I have seen anything like this before. Iowa now has six commits from the state of Iowa (just picked up offensive tackle Brett Waechter from Hartley tonight) and ISU has two from Iowa. Not a single commit to either school from the state holds an offer from both Iowa and ISU. It just...
  8. sunnysideup

    Thoughts on ISU behind black and gold glasses Marc Morehouse from the CR Gazette breaks down ISU this season as part of his running column talking about Iowa's season opponents. Chalk this up as another media member that thinks ISU has no chance in Kinnick.
  9. sunnysideup

    Former ISU commit now former Hok as well

    Per Pat Harty from the IC Press Citizen: @PatHarty: Hearing that Iowa RB Barkley Hill is transferring to UNI. Makes sense with Iowa's depth at RB and with his connections to Cedar Falls. Seems to me he would've been much better off staying committed to Paul and Co. Good thing is he will have a...
  10. sunnysideup


    I didn't see it anywhere even after a search but it looks like he announced on twitter this morning that he is officially a Hok. Keegan Render @keeganrender Officially going be a Hawkeye!
  11. sunnysideup

    Zach Borg?

    I remember seeing something on here about a month ago saying Borg was no longer with WHO. Does anybody know what happened there? I don't think anybody at the station ever said anything and if you look at his twitter account it sounds like he is in Colorado now.
  12. sunnysideup

    Unreal Recruiting

    Has anybody else here been keeping up with our friends to the east? I'm not sure the official number but they now have anywhere from 14-16 commits including six recruits the last few days. I have never seen anything like it, at least not at Iowa.
  13. sunnysideup

    Stoops to Iowa?

    No, not Bob, but Mike. Seems to be a fairly large hooplah going on at one of the pay boards and it has spilled over to HN and Twitter. Word being kicked around is that Norm's health may be failing again and since Mike was available Iowa is trying or has already got a deal to bring him in...
  14. sunnysideup

    ISU over/under set at 3?

    According to Ken Miller. This was per Jon Miller's site. He cited Ken and Las Vegas Sports Consultants and as it stands they say we look like a three win team. I really don't know what to think about that. Either they are way underestimating us or they know something we don't. I can see a...
  15. sunnysideup

    Well, it finally happened...

    CyFan just got blocked at my workplace. It says it wont let me in because McAfee has it listed as a high risk site. Guess I will have to surf CyFan on my phone during breaks now...
  16. sunnysideup

    The Final Countdown

    No, not the song either. How is everybody going to spend the next two and a half days before the "rapture" hits Saturday evening? For me it's kind of fitting Jesus would come back to Earth the day of my best friends bachelor party. :cool:
  17. sunnysideup

    Possible tornado event today..?

    Although I do follow a lot of weather stuff I am not as in tune to the buzz as some others around here are. Anyway, just saw on twitter that Reed Timmer of Discovery's Stormchasers just tweeted that if he didn't have a Discovery event to do in OK he would be up here in Iowa in a heartbeat...
  18. sunnysideup

    Apocalypse one year earlier?

    If the speculation is correct it looks like we may be looking at Iowa/Nebby in the Insight which is one year earlier than we expected this meeting. My hatred runs too deep for Big Red. I hope Iowa gets this one if true.
  19. sunnysideup

    Practice Question

    I was wondering what the procedures were on practicing now. I know the biggest perk of getting a bowl bid, especially for a mid level team like us is the extra 15 practices. We will more than likely be missing out on them now unless we get lucky enough to get tapped to go since their won't be...
  20. sunnysideup

    Legends American Grill and Cars

    Looks like Legends needs to put up concrete barriers around their locations... Stolen car crashes into Des Moines restaurant [video] | | The Des Moines Register