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  1. LeaningCy

    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten in 24?

    I think USC and UCLA are joining the Big 10 to secure a share of water rights in the Mississippi watershed. I haven't read any of this either so I might be missing something.
  2. LeaningCy

    "Can we taco bout Taco Bell?" -Bewilderme

    I always get the nacho cheese Doritos locos tacos out of habit and have never tried cool ranch even though they are my preferred Dorito flavor. Going back to the OP, I think this means I'm theoretically open to the giant cheezit but too comfortable and set in my ways. They will need to...
  3. LeaningCy

    EA Sports NCAA College Football coming back

    This article from a couple years ago takes a look at the potential economics of it: At that time, they estimated roughly $150k/school and $2k/player. Not huge but probably a lot more than they're making on...
  4. LeaningCy

    Apple TV to stream all MLS matches starting next year

    Closest I can get is following USMNT players on their club teams. Fortunately those opportunities are growing quickly, but I still have no club loyalty.
  5. LeaningCy

    Old country sayings

    Pert'near Don't look a gift horse in the mouth Stepped on a duck Benny's got the dominoes There's more than one way to skin a cat
  6. LeaningCy

    Which fast food restaurant gives you the worst poops?

    I've never had one but this checks out. As described by former HP employees in past threads, that sandwich is essentially a smorgasbord of various "floor meats"
  7. LeaningCy

    Name a random player from the past

    Clarence Gilbert, Mizzou
  8. LeaningCy

    The reason you won't find Wendy's in Europe

    I raise you a Popeye's
  9. LeaningCy

    Engineering Degree

    Both are usually paid (for engineers anyway). Co-ops and internships are similar, but co-ops typically have multiple terms, often alternating work/school/work with the same employer. If he gets in with a company he likes and the feeling is mutual, this can be a great way to have increasing...
  10. LeaningCy

    Engineering Degree

    A few comments in case there are any helpful nuggets: - I was set on Aerospace from a young age so didn't have to weigh multiple options, can't help much there other than to say if he waits to decide until after his first year he'll be fine. - It might be worth doing some engineering job...
  11. LeaningCy

    KU Forum Really Hates Iowa State - Sweet 16 Regional in Chicago

    I'm not going to Chicago this weekend but would definitely root for Kansas against Providence. We're playing with house money. What could be better than winning a spot in the Final Four? Taking that spot from Kansas.
  12. LeaningCy

    **2022 NCAA Tourney Thread** (including play-ins)

    Definitely the weakest of the bunch Kenpom rankings of the 3 seeds: 6 Texas Tech 7 Tennessee 14 Purdue 32 Wisconsin
  13. LeaningCy

    **2022 NCAA Tourney Thread** (including play-ins)

    Maybe we're just more in tune with our spidey-senses
  14. LeaningCy

    Do You Work Th/Fr of March Madness

    I do this every year, just to be sure.
  15. LeaningCy

    Answering work emails on the weekend

    This is the way. I keep email notifications off so I'm always making a conscious choice to check and respond.
  16. LeaningCy

    Tyler Catalina to Georgia

    ******' Catalina wine mixer