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  1. bthomps01

    Wrestle at the Trestle

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  2. bthomps01

    2 all session NCAA tix

    I have 2 all session tickets - section M16 for sale. I am unable to attend. Email
  3. bthomps01

    Cyclone Open

    Is the cyclone open going to have #1's and #2's going?
  4. bthomps01

    New Shoes

    I'm ready for Tailgating
  5. bthomps01

    wrestling referee

    In what scenarios is there one or two referees at a match? Does hosting school dictate? Have been to multiple meets when sometimes there is one ref on the mat and sometimes 2. Just curious
  6. bthomps01

    Look ahead to possible lineup

    The potential lineup is starting to fill-in. A couple of concerns are still the obvious holes at 165 & 184 / can Degen hold 149 weight or will he be moving up? 125: Mackall 133: Gomez /Simmons 141: Parker 149: Degen 157: Straw / Leisure (Carr ?) 165: (Foca - I didn't realize...
  7. bthomps01

    Yarygin Grand Prix

    Day 1 154 lb Frank Molinaro Bronze 134 lb Tony Ramos - 5th place Women 132 lb Alli Ragan Silver
  8. bthomps01

    Post meet social

    Can anyone that has attended a past social provide their experience? Are these well attended? I noticed one is this Sunday after West Virgina - why go all the way to the Sukup center?
  9. bthomps01

    Drexel review

    excited for new leadership. Overall impressions. Team appeared much more aggressive and conditioned than past teams. 125. Allison showed a lot of fight in defeat 133 Parker is going to be good. Showed patience but yet aggressive 141 Storr dominated from the start 149 Dewitt looked young...
  10. bthomps01

    Harold Nichols Cyclone Open

    Does anyone know the teams attending and will ISU be wrestling all members - years past they would only wrestle the B team.
  11. bthomps01

    Jackson stepping down

    I was surprised to hear KJ stepping down prior to the end of the season. I was hoping for a smooth transition and him being involved in the RTC in some capacity. He would be a great ambassador for wrestling and ISU.
  12. bthomps01

    MN meet

    A lot of quit out here today. KJ looks very frustrated.
  13. bthomps01

    Harold Nichols Open

    What portion of the team will be wrestling this weekend. If I recall ---- not many starters participated in this tourney last year
  14. bthomps01

    2016 lineup

    125 Larson 133 Hall 141 Rodriguez ?? 149 Meeks ?? 157 G Moreno 165 ?? 174 Weatherman 184 Weagtherspoon 197 Harris HWT Smith
  15. bthomps01

    2 tix big 12 wrestling

    I have 2 tickets for both the early session and final - section 134 row 13 face value $40 for both
  16. bthomps01

    Departures ?

    compared last year to this year rosters. It appears the following have departed Jacyn Goebel Adam Staudt Aaron Sorenson Shayden Terukina Will Stetzel Luke Swalla