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    Favorite bad movie

    Wild at Heart -I hesitate to call it bad but I'm assuming most people thought it was awful! (David Lynch -Nic Cage)
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    What are you reading?

    Favorites of the past year: Cloud Cuckoo Land -Anthony Doerr (superb imagination, 3 eras in one story that all intertwine) Project Hail Mary -Andy Weir (favorite book ever maybe) The Paradox Hotel -Rob Hart (Time travel mystery) The Godfather, Mario Puzo (classic that I'd never read) The...
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    Best songs that don't get enough attention

    Wow great call on Nic Cave
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    Friday OT #1 - Covered Up

    Wow, thanks for these, had no idea Elvira was a cover
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    Friday OT - On Good Author-ity

    Stephen King (11/22/63) Tom Clancy (and now the ghost writers) -the Jack Ryan Jr series "New" author- Any Weir -Hail Mary -wow -maybe my favorite book ever (also wrote The Martian)
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    Survivor 42

    Either way they were supposed to say it before voting I thought, what a cluster…
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    Survivor 42

    But what if Tori would have drawn the safe one, the other girl wouldn’t get a chance then I guess?
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    Survivor 42

    So why was Tori allowed to draw rocks (or whatever it is called) and the other girl couldn't?
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    Friday OT #2 - That Proves You Were There, That You Heard of them First

    I stumbled upon Cake several years ago in NYC for business and they sprung a show up across the street from my hotel. I was illin' (turned out to be strep throat) but paid maybe $60 for an intimate show for about 300 standing fans. Several tall boy PBR's (red white and blue ones) later -maybe...
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    **** daylight savings

    (SIAP) Just enact it at 11am on Monday morning -everybody happy!
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    Your Comedian Mount Rushmore

    Tough to do, but...: Emo Philips Norm MacDonald Richard Pryor Nate Bargatze Bill Cosby* *Non-rapist version would bump someone
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    *** Official #15 IOWA STATE vs #18 Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    Why is Conditt ever leaving the lane on defense? He has zero lateral speed, no reason to double team anyone out front and leave the rim unprotected yet he/we do this repeatedly.
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    Texas's Casey Thompson to ...

    Thompson isn’t going pro at quarterback ever, much less after 1 year lol
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    Does anybody watch The Challenge on MTV?

    ha! He is not always the brightest with his "sabotage", but he's good TV for sure. Looks like CT is on the inside track for another victory with 2 rookie guys still in play for the gulag.
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    Age helps! I never buy into the hype, each team is different. I didn’t expect to destroy UNI, didn’t expect to beat Iowa, went to and enjoyed the Vegas win, and then didn’t expect to win today, and there ya go. All my expectations have been met And can watch other stuff the rest of the...
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    It’s “Who the hell are we?” week

    I don’t see much separation from our “playmakers”. Deshante Jones and Landon Akers, Hakeem, etc.. aren’t there anymore. No real burners that a D needs to worry about.
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    Ticket allotment for Iowa?

    last year was the least I ever remember, just a smattering here and there, nothing that we could hear from our section (4)
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    The Wheel of Time

    ok what's it about