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  1. CycloneCJ

    Changing career course to project management (advice needed)

    Agree with this post. In the Agile world it's typically referred to as Product Management. Most large companies are going to Agile, especially in their tech areas.
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    Air Stunt Goes Bad

    This photo probably wont' be included in the "plane parachute" company's sales brochure.
  3. CycloneCJ

    Air Stunt Goes Bad

    Apparently the plane had a parachute so it may not be totally destroyed.
  4. CycloneCJ

    Pistol Peter Griffin

    How many years of eligibility does he have left?
  5. CycloneCJ

    2022 Concerts

    Seeing them in St. Paul on Sept 19th @ Surly Brewing
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    Pots & Pans

    We got a full Calphalon non-stick set for our wedding back in 2005. They came with a lifetime warranty and I've had about half of the pans replaced for free under warranty. The first time I did a replacement we had to send in the pans being replaced (and pay shipping) the last time I just sent...
  7. CycloneCJ

    Smart Garage Door Opener Advice

    Chamberlain MyQ with battery backup. It's been rock solid and have had no issues.
  8. CycloneCJ

    Recruiting: Jason Hammond Jr.'s fuels Cy-Hawk family rivalry with commitment to Iowa State

    “I’m very familiar with Iowa’s weather and, unfortunately, Iowa City, but I’m very excited to play for Ames,” Hammond Jr. said. How can you not already love this guy?
  9. CycloneCJ

    Recruiting: Cyclones secure second commitment this week in three-star, Illinois DL

    Hadn't seen this logo before. Anyone know what the "CGA" stands for?
  10. CycloneCJ

    Favorite memories from the season?

    Agree 100%.
  11. CycloneCJ

    TJ Press Conference

    I've seen still shots of what looks like TJ's press conference but don't see the video posted anywhere. Anybody know how to find it?
  12. CycloneCJ

    Inside the Eye

    @ChrisMWilliams With a great quote in this one
  13. CycloneCJ

    As usual, no respect...

    This 1000%. ISU fans should WANT our teams to be ignored and overlooked by the media. When that happens we typically perform well. When the media jumps on our bandwagon we usually disappoint.
  14. CycloneCJ

    ISU News and Tweets

    I liked Keith Murphy's line about this team: "Hustle doesn't have off nights"
  15. CycloneCJ

    Brad Davison

    So true but I love Jaz for it.
  16. CycloneCJ

    Are we done with ESPN+ games for this basketball season?

    I followed these steps: How to cancel ESPN+ Had no issues and my subscription is still active until 3/15 (would have been my renewal date)
  17. CycloneCJ

    New TV Advice

    My ~10 year old Samsung TV died just after Christmas and I bought a TCL R646 75". I've been very happy with it, picture quality is really good. The initial knock on this TV was buggy software but most of those issues have been fixed by software updates (at least for me). I was a little leery...
  18. CycloneCJ

    FS: Minneapolis: Dua Lipa Concert Tickets - Below Face Value

    For those near the Twin Cities. I have 4 tickets to the Dua Lipa concert on Tuesday March 08, 2022 @ 7:30 PM. Seats are in Section 136 Row P. Price is $100 per ticket (I paid $138 each) or best offer. I will sell in groups of 2 or all 4. See photos for more info. Electronic transfer via...
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    Thoughts on Site update

    Excellent start. Just need the next level down on Filters so I can exclude things like Ticket Exchange. Nice work!
  20. CycloneCJ


    Definitely true. The Upper Antelope Canyon is about $100 per person and lower is about $50 per person for a tour. Plus they seem to book way in advance since there's only a handful of tour companies allowed. We ended up booking the lower canyon due to price and availability.