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  1. RonBurgundy

    Iowa Tickets

    Received the AD email about purchase of Iowa away game tickets. Never been. Advice? Is it a **** show for an ISU fan to attend? I guess it depends on whether we win. If we decide not to go, let me know if anyone wants me to buy Captain level tickets (4 max) for them.
  2. RonBurgundy

    Fires at Food Processing Plants

    This seems too weird to be a coincidence, no? So many incidences at food processing plants the last 18 months.
  3. RonBurgundy

    Breece Hall Article ESPN+

    Nice article on Breece indicating that he should be RB1 selected in the draft. For those without ESPN+, they indicate his...
  4. RonBurgundy

    Interesting Purdy Article in Athletic

    The Athletic had an interesting article on Brock this morning. Apparently, he was working out with Tom Gormely of Tork Sports Performance in St. Augustine, FL prior to the Combine. The interesting aspect is that this facility is primarily geared towards MLB pitchers as their clientele. So...
  5. RonBurgundy

    FS: MBB Big 12 All-Session Tickets (SOLD)

    Have to attend a wedding. Selling two MBB Big 12 tickets. Decent seats. Received from ISU allotment. Center court, upper level, Section 209, Row 5. Face value was $390, but I will let them go for $275. But not breaking them up, entire all-session must be purchased. DM if interested.
  6. RonBurgundy

    NCAA Tickets

    SIAP - Recommendations on how to get NCAA tickets for Ames subregional? Is it already sold out? Does ISU ticket office have any/ TIA
  7. RonBurgundy

    Husker Fun

    Husker buddy sent me this. LOL.
  8. RonBurgundy

    Ugh, Gotta Sweat Another Coaching Search Now?

    We dodged USC after the rumors floated. LSU is reportedly considering Brian Kelly. Dodging a ND opening might be way more difficult.
  9. RonBurgundy

    Bowl Thoughts

    Just some random stuff: (1) Just saw today there is yet another new Bowl Game, the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl Game. wat? Seriously, Jimmy Kimmel? While the date is not great (12/18), it gets played in beautiful new SoFi stadium. Pac 12 v MWC. Why can't Bowlsby get us a nice spot like this? (2)...
  10. RonBurgundy

    Hardest Jobs in College Football

    Athletic article on the 20 hardest jobs in college football. Some are hard because of historical lack of success, facilities, recruiting, etc. Some are hard because of expectations. THANK YOU MATT CAMPBELL!!! Not many could have put ISU in a position to be off this top 20 list. College...
  11. RonBurgundy

    WTB: Two SEZ for Iowa

    My daughters want to come to Iowa game. Anyone have two extra in the SEZ for sale? DM me please.
  12. RonBurgundy

    More Love for ISU Football Players

    ESPN+ released its list of the top 100 players for 2021. Five Cyclones made the top 100 list. While still clickbait, this does not seem to be just the opinion of some dumb ESPN staffer. They had a group of 20 voters and conducted a series of 13,000 1v1 votes. #9 Breece Hall #29 Brock Purdy...
  13. RonBurgundy

    Raiders to Require Vaccination for Attendance at Allegiant

    Will UNLV adopt this policy?
  14. RonBurgundy

    ISU Football History in One Chart

    Interesting chart on ESPN+ regarding ISU football history. We are living in historical times! Love to hear the thoughts of old-timers that have been a fan through these periods. 1- ISU was at an all-time low when Johnny Majors arrived in 1968. He had them in their first bowl just three...
  15. RonBurgundy

    Recruiting OverAchievers

    Good article in the Athletic today about football programs that overachieve relative to their recruiting rankings, and those that underachieve. You have to love an article that comes out of the gate laughing at Nebby as an underachiever. Routine top 20 classes and nothing to show. Check the...
  16. RonBurgundy

    Some More Breece Hall Love

    Article on whether Breece will be RB1 in next NFL draft.
  17. RonBurgundy

    FS: 4 UNLV-ISU Football Game Tickets - SOLD

    I ended up clearing the wait list for a suite at the game, so I will sell my four UNLV-ISU tickets that I ordered through the ISU allotment. Don't know the specific location yet, but they will be within the ISU alloted section. Will sell for face value (plus fees). No profit. Will not split...
  18. RonBurgundy

    LOL, ESPN "Corrects" It's PreSeason FPI

    In April, ESPN published a preseason FPI that had ISU as #4. , In updated, "corrected" FPI released today, ISU falls to #9. Color me surprised. But I am fine with either.
  19. RonBurgundy

    Early Enrollees

    I am sure it is on here somewhere if I tried to chase it down, but can anybody recap what freshmen players enrolled in January and participated in spring practice? TIA
  20. RonBurgundy

    Mt. Rushmore of ISU Athletics

    In an unrelated thread, I argued that Jamie Pollard would be on the Mt. Rushmore of ISU Athletics. Got me thinking. Who would be the other three? My thoughts... Jamie Pollard Johnny Orr (not a great record, but great man) Cael Who else? I cannot say Harold Nichols or the Roland Rocket...