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    ISU punting

    To add onto this, the stats that were posted are wrong. 18/68 punts is actually 26%, meaning he is good for a good punt (50+yards) more than probably he gets credit for. However, that also means 1/4 of punts are going LESS THAN 30 yards. That's unacceptable and fairly leads to a lot of criticism.
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    FS: SOLD 4 tickets to WV and parking pass

    I would buy the other two
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    WTB 1 ticket vs WVU

    Don’t care where the seat location is. Just want to get in the door Saturday.
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    COLUMN: How COVID-19 will change college football forever

    You are right about enrollment potentially dipping I think the schools who go all online are going to get killed with drops in enrollment numbers. However, athletic departments at least i know for sure ISU and Iowa are both completely self sufficient. I am pretty sure that's the same for all...
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    The end of Oak-Elm?

    I think there's a few factors in play. 1. the most obvious that enrollment is down. 2. there have been so many brand new apartments built which provides a lot of options. 3. Like some have mentioned before the dorms aren't exactly cheap anymore and their isn't much price difference between new...
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    PODCAST: Ask CW Anything

    I may be in the minority, but I prefer the podcast over the written article. More content to listen to at work versus an article I am probably not going to read.
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    He mentioned in the Ames Tribune podcast he and Randy would be switching off every road game due to the Ames Tribune switching.
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    FS: MBB: 2 corner balcony for TCU

    Still available?
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    FS: 2 Tickets for TCU

    I will take them
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    Never mind

    Are these still available?